11 things you probably didn’t know about stretch ceilings

Dec 20, 2016 | Designs, Maintenance

Though the concept of stretch ceilings dates back to Ancient Egypt times the majority of people have still never heard of them. So if you are relatively new to the idea, you might be interested to hear about some of unique properties of stretch ceilings.

1. You can stand on them!

It’s true. And we’ve got proof. In this short video one of our installers puts his whole weight on a demo stretch ceiling in our factory in East Sussex.

2. Easy to clean

It’s no coincidence our name is Easy Ceiling Technologies. Because they are made of PVC elastic, stretch ceilings are incredibly easy to keep clean. Simply wipe with water or window cleaner.

3. They don’t absorb odours

Stretch ceilings are a great choice for restaurants and kitchens. There are unlimited design options so you can get that real wow factor. They don’t absorb odours either keeping your restaurant or home smelling nice and fresh.

Restaurant ceiling design London
A back lit stretch ceiling in a restaurant

4. They’re waterproof

Unlike some other ceiling options, stretch ceilings are waterproof. Just one square metre of stretch ceiling can hold up to 100 litres of water. At the end of this video (start it at 0:50) our installers demonstrate how this works. They also show how easy it is to get rid of the water leak with absolutely no damage to the ceiling.

5. They don’t catch fire

Stretch ceilings are non-flammable. When they are exposed to fire the material just melts away. Hot bits of material do not drop of the ceiling and the fire does not spread.

6. You can print on them

Unlike your traditional plasterboard ceiling, there are a huge amount of options for how you can finish your ceiling. The most eye-catching has to be a printed ceiling. Cloudy sky is the most popular design but why not use a print of your favourite artwork or your company branding.

7. They’re the perfect party ceiling

Because they are incredibly strong, easy to clean and odour resistant, stretch ceilings are a fantastic choice if you like to party. But what about flying champagne corks? That’s covered too. See a demo of what happens in this video (start it at 0:26).

8. You can create different levels and shapes to your ceiling

A ceiling is flat and all on one-level, right? Not so with stretch ceilings. You can create any manner of 3D shapes and curves.

fabric ceilings
Shaped ceiling

9. They can be installed in under a day

It can take as little as five hours to install your stretch ceiling. That’s about the same time as a round of golf, so why don’t you grab your clubs and head off, when you come back you’ll have a new ceiling! Not a golfer? I’m sure you can think of something nice to do. You won’t have to prepare the room or tidy up after either.

10. They are ultra hygienic

There’s no coincidence that stretch ceilings are highly recommended for healthcare and medical environments. As mentioned already they are very easy to clean and do not corrode or suffer from condensation or damp.

Dental clinic ceiling
Stretch Ceiling in a dental clinic

11. They are great for acoustics

Your standard stretch ceiling is already great for acoustics. But go one step further and use a special micro-perforated membrane which can be tuned to match your acoustic needs. Fancy eh?

So there you have it. I hope you’ve learned something new? Please get in touch to find out more.


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