8 Reasons Not to Plaster Your Swimming Pool Ceiling

Apr 21, 2022 | Benefits

If you are considering plastering your swimming pool ceiling please don’t do it! Here are eight very good reasons not to and choose a more suitable option like a stretch ceiling.

1. Plaster and humidity are not a good match

Indoor swimming pools have high humidity. With plaster ceilings this causes condensation, damp, mould and in time, rotting.

2. Plaster is not waterproof

You’d imagine a waterproof ceiling is a basic requirement for an indoor swimming pool wouldn’t you? But plaster is not waterproof meaning it will soak up any water splashed it’s way, increasing it’s rate of deterioration.

3. Plaster is boring

Sure with a plaster ceiling you can paint it any colour you want but that’s the only option available to you. Use a stretch ceiling for your swimming pool and you can have different shapes and levels, it can be translucent, mirrored, you can even print your favourite image or design on it. The best advantage though is it can work with a wide number of lighting effects, the most popular at the moment is a twinkling night sky in a variety of colours (example image below).


4. Plaster has a limited shelf life

Due to the some of the reasons already mentioned but generally due to the material itself your plaster ceiling will need to be redecorated or even replaced in a few years. Our stretch ceilings come with a 10 year guarantee and maybe last much longer!

5. Plastering takes time

To plaster a ceiling you’ll need to clear and cover the room first, then wait for the plaster to dry before you can paint the ceiling and then uncover and refill the room. Stretch ceilings can be installed in a day with no waste or mess!

6. Plaster is bad for the environment

As opposed to stretch ceilings which are 100% recyclable, plaster is non-recyclable.

7. Actually it’s not just bad, it can be toxic!

If gypsum, the main constituent in plaster, is mixed with biodegradables such as food it can produce hydrogen sulphide, a toxic gas.

8. Plaster is not energy efficient

Plaster is very porous meaning it doesn’t contain heat very well. Given you are likely to want to keep your pool room nice and warm this is not good news. Stretch ceilings are less porous, and therefore keep more heat in the room below, than other ceiling materials. They also fit below an original ceiling meaning less space to heat, and, you can even put additional insulation in between the two!

Hopefully you now agree that plastering your swimming pool ceiling is not a good idea?

If you would like to find out more about stretch ceilings and why they are the perfect ceiling choice for indoor pools please get in touch.

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