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Fiber Optic Star Ceilings

At Easy Ceiling Technologies we supply and install an eclectic mix of stretch ceiling designs. But our favourite at the moment has to be fiber optic star ceilings. They never fail to achieve that wow factor – creating the dramatic impact of a starry night sky on your bedroom, lounge or spa ceiling. Even better, […]

Easy Ceiling in Sussex Life

Easy Ceiling have brought our stretch ceilings to the printed word! In November 2017’s edition of Sussex Life magazine, Easy Ceiling are featured in Sara Niven’s ‘Interiors Notebook’. This is a section in which Sara ‘shares the products and services that have caught her eye this month.’   It’s no surprise that Sara should find […]

Could a stretch ceiling reduce your heating bills?

Whether it is for your home or business, it’s safe to say that you are probably most conscious of heating cost in the colder months. Often you might find yourself conflicted between making your space as warm as possible and being money smart too. Of course, basic insulation, double glazing and draft reduction are all […]

Could a Stretch Ceiling Benefit Your Business?

It’s true that stretch ceilings can totally transform the look and feel of your business space. But can they also attract more customers and boost sales? We believe they can. That’s because stretch ceilings have added benefits that draw customers, guests and clients back time and time again. Here are five ways that a stretch […]

Introducing DESCOR® — an exciting new interior design innovation

We always like to be at the cutting edge of design at Easy Ceiling. That’s why we’re bringing you an exciting new innovation — DESCOR® walls and ceilings for your home or business. Created by leading specialists PONGS®, the DESCOR® textile system will take your interior design to a whole new level.

Which Stretch Ceiling Finish – Gloss, Satin, Matt or Textile?

You’ve decided to get a stretch ceiling because you know it’s going to totally transform your space, whether that’s your home, office or commercial premises. You’ve also decided that you’re going for a standard stretch ceiling style (rather than translucent, shaped, printed or mirrored). So far, so good. But now you’ve reached a crucial decision ­— […]

Can a Stretch Ceiling Make You Happier?

The right ceiling can have a big impact on the look, feel and atmosphere of a space. Stretch ceilings in particular have many amazing mood-enhancing benefits that can make your day (and your life) that little bit better. Here’s how a stretch ceiling could make you happier…. You can let your imagination run wild… Who […]

Stretch Ceiling FAQs

As a manufacturer, installer and supplier of stretch ceilings we get asked a lot of questions. And we love them! We realise stretch ceilings are still a relatively new idea for a lot of people so we happily take the time to answer any questions customers might have. Here are some of the most Frequently […]

Which Stretch Ceiling?

There are many benefits to stretch ceilings but two of the most appealing have to be their versatility and originality. These aspects make them a preferred choice for professional designers as they know stretch ceilings can offer a stylish addition to any room with a perfect finish. Whereas other ceiling finishes tend to be quite […]