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What a year!

Now that the summer’s over we have been taking stock of the last twelve months. And what a year it’s been! Here’s a few of the highlights.   Swimming pools, swimming pools, swimming pools     As we’re relatively new to the UK market we didn’t realise how many indoor swimming pools there are in […]

Let us supply your ceiling

Looking for a stretch ceiling supplier? Then consider Easy Ceiling. We’re one of the only stretch ceiling manufacturers in the UK so we can promise a quality stretch ceiling with rapid delivery and at a great price. Let us tell you more… Why Stretch Ceilings again? Firstly let’s have a recap on the the benefits […]

Extend your summer with printed ceilings

Finally a good spell of weather in the UK! Isn’t it funny how your mood improves when there’s a blue sky above your head? Even living on the South Coast of England we realise it’s not always going to be sunny. So how can you brighten up your life when the days are a bit […]

Swimming Pool Ceilings

Stretch ceilings are the perfect choice for Swimming Pool Ceilings. In this post we outline ten very good reasons why. We also share a summary of some recent swimming pool ceiling projects we have completed. Already know you want to go Stretch? Please get in touch for a quote.    Swimming Pool Ceilings – 10 […]

How do stretch ceilings work with lights and other fittings and fixtures?

One of the most common questions we get asked by clients new to stretch ceilings is how can you accommodate fittings and fixtures above the ceiling like lights, air-conditioning systems and fire alarm sensors. I always like this question because the answer is quite straightforward. Stretch ceilings are suspended ceiling systems. They are fitted (stretched) […]

Printed ceilings made easy with stretch ceilings

If you look at our case studies you’ll see that a nice glossy white stretch ceiling is always a popular finish choice for our clients. But every now and then we talk to a client who is looking for something special, a ceiling that can create a genuine wow factor for their business or home. In […]

Stretch Ceilings – stronger than you think

One of the biggest misconceptions about stretch ceilings is they’re not very strong. It is easy to be fooled by their appearance, a very thin film of pvc elastic canvas, but let us assure you stretch ceilings are very, very strong. Please watch this strength test video below, carried out by our installers, Andrew and […]