Barrisol vs Easy Ceiling Stretch Ceilings

Dec 11, 2023 | Benefits

Barrisol is one of the oldest stretch ceiling companies on the market. Indeed some might say the trademarked brand name “Barrisol” is synonymous with stretch ceilings in the same way “Hoover” is with vacuum cleaners.

In contrast to Barrisol, Easy Ceiling is one of the newest stretch ceiling companies in the market. We often find ourselves being called out to replace old Barrisol ceilings so we thought we would do a comparison so you make a decision on which is the best stretch ceiling company for you!


Let us be completely honest with you, there isn’t a huge difference between Easy Ceiling and Barrisol’s stretch ceiling product. Barrisol actually has more options to choose from but we have researched the UK market thoroughly to ensure that we offer all the popular stretch ceiling designs and colours. If you want something particular that we don’t have readily available then we promise to try and source it for you too!


One of the main differences between Easy Ceiling and Barrisol is that we are the only stretch ceiling company in the UK to have our own UK based stretch ceiling factory. This means we can produce and supply your stretch ceiling much quicker. We also have total control over the production process ensuring you receive a top quality stretch ceiling designed completely to your specifications.

stretch ceiling company easy ceiling uk
The Easy Ceiling Factory in Hailsham, East Sussex


Easy Ceiling has a team of stretch ceiling installers across the UK ready and waiting to install your stretch ceiling, which can often be achieved in less than a day! Lead times from order to install can sometimes be within the month!

After-care & Replacement

Some of the larger more traditional stretch ceiling companies are not really interested in providing after-care or replacing your stretch ceiling as it is not profitable. However, with our team dotted around the UK we will happily come back and see you to repair or replace your stretch ceiling. It’s all part of our excellent service!

Hopefully you are now persuaded that you should give Easy Ceiling a try? There is no coincidence that our name is Easy as that is what we are all about. Trying to make the business of designing, obtaining and installing a stretch ceiling as easy as possible! We are so confident in our ability to do this that we promise to provide a quality stretch ceiling quicker, at a lower price, and with better service, than any other UK stretch ceiling company. Still don’t believe us? Please check out all our reviews from happy clients. Then get in touch to make the switch to Easy Ceiling!


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