Can a Stretch Ceiling Make You Happier?

Jul 27, 2017 | Designs

Stretch Ceiling

The right ceiling can have a big impact on the look, feel and atmosphere of a space. Stretch ceilings in particular have many amazing mood-enhancing benefits that can make your day (and your life) that little bit better. Here’s how a stretch ceiling could make you happier….

You can let your imagination run wild…

stretch ceiling print designs

Who says that ceilings have to be beige? It’s true that plaster ceilings have their limits when it comes to getting creative, but stretch ceilings don’t. With an art print ceiling, you can choose almost any design you like, from a family photo to a famous work of art. Art’s not just for walls, so what would you like to see when you look up? Your favourite Van Gogh? Rainbow butterflies? Brad Pitt’s face? It’s up to you. Whatever makes you happy.

You can flood your space with light…

Stretch Ceiling

Gloss, mirror and translucent ceilings are all great for making a room feel lighter, brighter and airier. Gloss ceilings have a lovely sheen, mirror ceilings reflect light and also make spaces look bigger, and translucent ceilings allow light to stream into a room. Adding more light to your space can make a big difference to your mood in winter and can also help you to make the most out of the sunnier seasons too.

You can live out your fantasies…

stretch ceiling options

Who needs reality all the time? Not us. A stretch ceiling can spirit you away to a totally different environment. This could be anything from an interstellar spaceship to the Sistine chapel to a tropical ocean paradise. Dream big.

You can keep your room warm and cosy

Stretched Ceiling

Stretch ceilings provide extra insulation, meaning heated air reflects from the ceiling and then returns down to your room. This means that you can keep your space warmer for longer, creating a cosier feel. Of course, you’ll save money on heating bills too, leaving you with that little bit of extra money to treat yourself with.

You can breathe in deeply and smile…

stretch ceiling designs

Unlike plaster ceilings, stretch ceilings don’t absorb odours from food and cigarette smoke etc. This means that they’re great for keeping your space fresh and sweet smelling every day, which is perfect for both homes and restaurants.

You can enjoy more peace and quiet…

Stretch Ceiling business

Whether it’s your living room, study or even your swimming pool, sometimes you just need a place to unwind without being irritated by noises from elsewhere. Thankfully, you can get stretch ceilings with added soundproofing, helping your space to stay serene.

You can avoid “nasties” like damp, mould and drips…

ceiling interior designs

Damp and mould have got to be two of the biggest mood killers in any space and they’re not great for your health either. Thankfully, stretch ceilings are amazingly waterproof, with just one square metre of material holding up to 100 litres of water. Stretch ceilings can also protect your room from drips and flooding from the floor above.

You can enjoy summer all year around…

stretch ceiling print designs

For instance, by covering your ceiling with a peaceful blue sky. Bliss.

You can enjoy music so much more…

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Stretch ceilings also have great acoustics (so now you know). This means that you can enjoy music more than ever. What’s more, if you’re really serious about sound, you can even get your ceiling fine-tuned to the specific acoustic needs of your space (perfect if you run a gig venue, for instance).

You can throw better parties…

Forget champagne and nibbles, let’s all agree that nothing gets a party going like a ceiling with tiny sparkles, or a glossy back mirror effect, or even a magical canopy of stars. Your guests will be thoroughly wowed (the only challenge will be in getting them to leave).

Want to brighten up your life with a stretch ceiling? Get in touch for a chat.

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