5 Ways Stretch Ceilings Can Save You Money

1. Reduce your heating bills

Stretch ceilings are more energy efficient than standard ceilings. This is because they are typically installed below the original ceiling of a room. This improves the insulation properties of a room by trapping heat in the air space between the new ceiling and the original ceiling. Heat rising up to the stretch ceiling will also be reflected back down into the room. With traditional ceilings some of that heat will be lost through the ceiling. To make the room even more efficient you can place additional insulation into the air space.

2. They last longer

Stretch ceilings are incredibly strong, so strong in fact you can stand on them! They’re also waterproof, non-flammable, and non-toxic. They don’t corrode and do not suffer from damp. As a result they are very long lasting. Easy Ceiling Technologies, like other stretch ceiling suppliers, offers a 10 year guarantee but our ceilings will last much longer. Saving you money from having to replace them or redecorate for a long time. When the time eventually comes, they are also quick and easy to repair or replace too!

3. Low installation cost

Stretch ceilings will save you time and money in terms of installation as they take less than a day to install. Better still you don’t need to clear the room before installation and they don’t make any mess. With other ceiling alternatives you’ll need to remove all the furniture in the room and there’ll take up to a week until they are finished.

4. No need to remove or repair existing ceilings

Your existing ceiling might be ugly, uneven or damaged. With other ceiling coverings you would have to replace or repair the existing ceiling. With some old ceilings, for example those that contain asbestos, this can be very expensive. However with stretch ceilings you can just fit the canvas below and leave the original ceiling in place. Problem solved and costs saved!

5. A wow factor that doesn’t cost the earth

When homeowners or businesses ask for a wow factor they realise they might have to pay a premium for it. But not with stretch ceilings. You can create different levels, choose from a range of finishes, add a light show or even print them with your favourite piece of art or company logo. There are a huge range of design options which don’t cost the earth.

Fiber optic star ceiling cinema room

Stretch ceilings are a fantastic cost-effective solution for most homes and premises. If you would like to find out more please get in touch!


Easy Ceiling Technologies is a Sussex based manufacturer, supplier and installer of stretch ceilings. We have recently joined the University of Brighton’s Pioneering Green Growth Platform.

Energy Efficient Ceilings – Go Stretch

Why Stretch Ceilings?

Could a stretch ceiling reduce your heating bills?

Image by Anthony Tran via Unsplash

Whether it is for your home or business, it’s safe to say that you are probably most conscious of heating cost in the colder months. Often you might find yourself conflicted between making your space as warm as possible and being money smart too.

Of course, basic insulation, double glazing and draft reduction are all good ways to save on energy bills (as is the simple strategy of putting on an extra jumper). But what if there was an under-the-radar way to make your space more energy efficient, making it cosier for you and your family — or, if you are a business owner, your staff and customers?

Could the right ceiling be the answer?

buy stretch ceilings

Cosy up your space with a stylish stretch ceiling

As a matter of fact, it could be. By investing in an easy to install (usually less than a day) stretch ceiling, you will also improve your insulation, potentially saving money on heating in the process.

That’s because a stretch ceiling is more energy efficient than a standard ceiling. Basically, a stretch ceiling is a specialised, stylish canvas that can be installed below your current ceiling. Your stretch ceiling will then improve insulation by trapping heat in the air space between itself and your original (still intact) ceiling.

What’s more, you can increase energy efficiency even further by placing additional insulation and acoustic materials into that air space, should you want to. It’s a system that is flexible to your needs.

Stretch ceilings can have many other benefits, including improving the appearance, acoustics and even hygiene of rooms. In short, you will be creating a warmer, quieter, more stylish environment while saving money on heating bills in the process. Sounds like a smart decision.

Want to improve your energy efficiency with a stretch ceiling? Get in touch with us for a chat.


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