Repair or Replace your Stretch Ceiling

Introducing the Easy Ceiling Factory

Easy Ceiling Technologies is fairly unique in that we are one of the only UK stretch ceiling suppliers to have our own factory, in Hailsham, East Sussex. This means we can control the whole process for you; from manufacture through to supply, install and aftercare.



Having our own factory gives us numerous advantages.



As we are the manufacturer, supplier and installer we have complete control over your stretch ceiling installation. That means we can do it quicker than anyone else.


Having total control over the process ensures we can maintain our high quality standards.

Low prices

It’s only us in our supply chain, there aren’t multiple companies who need their cut. As a result we can guarantee the lowest stretch ceiling prices on the market without compromising the high quality of our product.


As we provide a full stretch ceiling service we have a full understanding of the product. This gives us much more expertise in helping you select the right ceiling for your property. The factory also gives us opportunity to ensure our team of installers receive expert training.


As a manufacturer we are constantly looking for new ways to innovate, be it new colours, textiles or dimensions. Recently we were the first company to introduce 5 metre wide printed stretch ceiling canvases to the UK. We love working with architects and designers to explore new ways stretch ceilings can be utilised. Our factory gives us the freedom to try out new options and experiment, like see if our ceilings can take our weight!



Design options

As we are producing your ceiling we can give you more options in terms of style, fabric, measurements and colours.


Stretch Ceiling Colours


Though we will happily take care of every step of the process for you for you we can also offer you flexibility. Here are four examples of different ways we can work with you.


1. Manufacture, Supply and Install

Once we have decided the ceiling fabric and design you need we will manufacture it, then supply and install at your location. This is advisable for property owners or business who are looking for a one time installation.

2. Manufacture & Supply

This is advisable for trained installers. We can just produce and supply stretch ceiling canvases and components required for you to do the install yourself. If you don’t have trained installers in your team but want to become a regular installer of stretch ceilings we suggest option 3.

3. Installation training

Our team of expert installers will train your team. A smart way to do this is hands-on with your first stretch ceiling install, we can guide you through the process. We’re always on hand if you get stuck or need help with future projects.



4. Set up your own factory!

So you are regular installer of stretch ceilings and you want to grow your business further? To maximise efficiency, especially if you are operating in a new country, we suggest you set up your own local production of the product, establishing contracts with local suppliers of components (profiles, protecting rings, platforms, etc). We can help you with the start-up of this business, as we have recently done in Algeria.


If you would like to learn more about Easy Ceiling Technologies please get in touch, or why not come and visit our factory?

11 things you probably didn’t know about stretch ceilings

Though the concept of stretch ceilings dates back to Ancient Egypt times the majority of people have still never heard of them. So if you are relatively new to the idea, you might be interested to hear about some of unique properties of stretch ceilings.


1. You can stand on them!

It’s true. And we’ve got proof. In this short video one of our installers puts his whole weight on a demo stretch ceiling in our factory in East Sussex.


2. Easy to clean

It’s no coincidence our name is Easy Ceiling Technologies. Because they are made of PVC elastic, stretch ceilings are incredibly easy to keep clean. Simply wipe with water or window cleaner.


3. They don’t absorb odours

Stretch ceilings are a great choice for restaurants and kitchens. There are unlimited design options so you can get that real wow factor. They don’t absorb odours either keeping your restaurant or home smelling nice and fresh.


A back lit stretch ceiling in a restaurant


4. They’re waterproof

Unlike some other ceiling options, stretch ceilings are waterproof. Just one square metre of stretch ceiling can hold up to 100 litres of water. At the end of this video (start it at 0:50) our installers demonstrate how this works. They also show how easy it is to get rid of the water leak with absolutely no damage to the ceiling.


5. They don’t catch fire

Stretch ceilings are non-flammable. When they are exposed to fire the material just melts away. Hot bits of material do not drop of the ceiling and the fire does not spread.


6. You can print on them

Unlike your traditional plasterboard ceiling, there are a huge amount of options for how you can finish your ceiling. The most eye-catching has to be a printed ceiling. Cloudy sky is the most popular design but why not use a print of your favourite artwork or your company branding.


7. They’re the perfect party ceiling

Because they are incredibly strong, easy to clean and odour resistant, stretch ceilings are a fantastic choice if you like to party. But what about flying champagne corks? That’s covered too. See a demo of what happens in this video (start it at 0:26).


8. You can create different levels and shapes to your ceiling

A ceiling is flat and all on one-level, right? Not so with stretch ceilings. You can create any manner of 3D shapes and curves.


Shaped ceiling


9. They can be installed in under a day

It can take as little as five hours to install your stretch ceiling. That’s about the same time as a round of golf, so why don’t you grab your clubs and head off, when you come back you’ll have a new ceiling! Not a golfer? I’m sure you can think of something nice to do. You won’t have to prepare the room or tidy up after either.


10. They are ultra hygienic

There’s no coincidence that stretch ceilings are highly recommended for healthcare and medical environments. As mentioned already they are very easy to clean and do not corrode or suffer from condensation or damp.

Stretch Ceiling in a dental clinic

Stretch Ceiling in a dental clinic


11. They are great for acoustics

Your standard stretch ceiling is already great for acoustics. But go one step further and use a special micro-perforated membrane which can be tuned to match your acoustic needs. Fancy eh?


So there you have it. I hope you’ve learned something new? Please get in touch to find out more.


How to Install a Stretch Ceiling in 10 Easy Steps

As a manufacturer, supplier and installer we like to think we know a thing or two about stretch ceilings.

So here’s our illustrated guide on how to install a stretch ceiling in 10 easy steps.

If video is more your thing please head to straight to the bottom of this post. 

1. Decide to use a stretch ceiling

We’re a stretch ceiling supplier but we have to be honest there are certain circumstances where a stretch ceiling might not be the best option. Not many circumstances though! The core advantages of stretch ceilings are they can be installed far more rapidly than other ceiling options (see our comparison table), they are easy and low cost to maintain, and they come in a range of finishes, including printed ceilings! They are also very durable, safe and reliable. For all these reasons they are a very popular choice for medical, educational and health and leisure interiors such as bars, restaurants, swimming pools and gyms.

Stretch Ceilings

Stretch Ceilings – Always a popular option in Swimming Pools, Spas and Gyms

2. Choose your fabric

So you’ve made the wise decision to go stretch, but what fabric and colour do you want? Gloss, satin or matt finish? Translucent or shaped? Or perhaps you want to print your favourite image or company logo on your ceiling? Check out stretch ceiling design options here.

5 metre sky printed ceiling

Our new 5 metre sky print fabric hot off the press

3. Choose your supplier

Once you’ve chosen your design you need to choose a supplier. Easy Ceiling guarantees the lowest prices on the market and we are in the unique position to offer a full-service; from manufacture of your fabric to the final install and aftercare. But we still advise you to get quotes from a range of suppliers and chose the right supplier for you.

4. Prepare the room

If you normally plaster your ceiling you’re going to love this step. The room does not need to be completely cleared. You might need to make a bit of space but apart from that no preparation of the room is required. You can more or less start the install instantly!

5. Attach aluminium track

Your stretch ceiling is attached to your room via an aluminium track which is fitted to all four walls. If the ceiling is to cover a large space, aluminium tracks will need to be fitted at intervals across the ceiling to join panels of fabric.

stretch showroom ceilings

For large ceilings aluminium tracks will be used across the room to join up ceiling panels

6. Set light fixtures and other systems above the ceiling

Attach platforms for light fixtures or other systems (e.g. smoke alarms) to the original ceiling. Adjust the height of the platform so it is easy to pull relevant fixtures like lights though the ceiling and fit in place.


7. Heat the room

In order to stretch the ceiling fabric into place you need to use heat to increase its elasticity. We do this using portable gas heaters.

office ceiling installers

Use portable gas cannisters to heat the fabric so it reaches optimum elasticity

8. Attach the ceiling

Once the fabric has reached optimum elasticity it is fitted to the aluminium rack, corners first.

Athens Greek restaurant installation

Attached the fabric to the aluminium rail, corners first

9. Pull through fixtures and fittings

Strengthening rings are glued to the canvas and then cut inside to make holes for light fixtures and other systems. Fixtures are connected to cables, pulled through the holes and then the springs to the fixture platforms above the canvas are engaged.

10. Final cleaning

Any handprints or marks on the ceiling canvas are removed with a damp cloth. Your stretch ceiling is now installed!

zehnder showroom ceiling

Your Stretch Ceiling is installed!

Hopefully you now know the basic steps to installing a Stretch Ceiling? We can always do the job for you – please get in touch. We’re always interested to hear from people who might want to join our network of installers too. Free training is provided!

Lastly, here’s a video so you can see the whole process in action.

How do stretch ceilings work with lights and other fittings and fixtures?

One of the most common questions we get asked by clients new to stretch ceilings is how can you accommodate fittings and fixtures above the ceiling like lights, air-conditioning systems and fire alarm sensors.

I always like this question because the answer is quite straightforward. Stretch ceilings are suspended ceiling systems. They are fitted (stretched) to a room via aluminium rails which are attached to the top of each wall. This leaves lots of room between the stretch ceiling and the original ceiling for fixtures and fittings. Aha you say, but how can you access them? Let me explain a bit further.

Lights and stretch ceilings

Lights stretch ceilings
This basic diagram gives you an idea of how it works. ‘Structural soffit’ is the technical term for ‘original ceiling’. The light is attached to the original ceiling via a bracket. It is then connected to the original ceiling via the bracket ring. It is important to note that the height of the bracket is flexible to fit the gap between the original and stretch ceiling. Strengthening rings are used to further protect the stretch ceiling where it borders the light. The decorative element of the light will hide the strengthening rings so they will not be seen from below.

The image below is taken from a stretch ceiling installation we undertook for Zehnder, the heating group. You can see the circular spotlight brackets before the ceiling is installed.

showroom stretch ceilings

And here’s how the lights look after the ceiling has been installed.

zehnder stretch ceiling

Other fittings and fixtures

So hopefully you now understand how lights are attached to a stretch ceiling but how about other fixtures and fittings? Alarm sensors, as you might expect, are fitted in much the same way as lights. Other systems can also be secured to your original ceiling using brackets. One of the most handy aspects of stretch ceilings is they can easily be used to hide vent ducts. In another picture from our Zehnder installation below you can see two horizontal white panels with large circular holes which are used to neatly accommodate all vent ducts.

showroom ceilings

How I can I access the system if things go wrong?

We use access hatches which can be placed at relevant points on the ceilings so you can easily access air-conditioning or alarm systems to turn them on or off or perform maintenance work. In the finished picture of the Zehnder showroom above you can see a square access hatch on the right hand edge of the ceiling.

Further questions?

I would hope you can now understand how lights and other fixtures and fittings can be easily accommodated with a stretch ceiling. Of course, if you have more questions please get in touch.

Stretch Ceilings – stronger than you think

One of the biggest misconceptions about stretch ceilings is they’re not very strong. It is easy to be fooled by their appearance, a very thin film of pvc elastic canvas, but let us assure you stretch ceilings are very, very strong.

Please watch this strength test video below, carried out by our installers, Andrew and Peter.



If you don’t have time here’s a quick summary of the tests.


1. Golf club poke

In this first test Andrew has grabbed a golf club, it looks like a seven iron, and is poking the ceiling with the club. You can see an impression being made but then the ceiling shape and appearance quickly reverts back to what it was.

2. Golf ball throw

Now Andrew has got a golf ball and he throws it upwards as hard as he can. It just bounces off and again, the ceiling quickly reverts back to it’s original appearance. There is no marking.

3. Popping cork

To celebrate his golf success Andrew now vigorously shakes up a bottle of brut and lets the cork fly at the ceiling. The result? No impact what so ever on the ceiling’s appearance. None of the marking or damage you might expect on a plastered ceiling.

4. Major leak

Andrew and Peter use a funnel to ‘leak’ approximately 5 litres of dirty water on to the ceiling, through the light fitting. The ceiling just expands to accommodate the leak. Then a large bucket is placed under the light fitting and the ceiling is simply pressed around where the ceiling has expanded to guide the water through the light fitting area into the bucket. Again the ceiling reverts back to its exact original appearance.


So there you have it, four simple tests to illustrate how strong stretch ceilings are. This is one of the reasons that they are so easy to maintain, because it’s hard to damage them! So hard in fact that we offer a 10 year guarantee on all our stretch ceiling systems. You might be surprised to hear that stretch ceilings can cost the same if not less than more traditional ceiling options, quicker and less messy to install too. Factor in their reliability and the flexibility of designs and you can understand why many people are switching to stretch ceilings. If you would like a free quote please get in touch.


Update added 18.4.2016

Watch one of our installers in our latest strength test video – putting his whole body weight on the ceiling!