Plaster Shortage – Time To Try Stretch Ceilings?

In a recent Construction News article, plasterboard topped the list of building materials in short supply. The article goes on to suggest that the current stock will run out if production doesn’t recommence quickly. It is likely that many building projects requiring plaster will grind to a halt unless alternative materials can be sourced. If you are looking for an alternative to a plasterboard ceiling, for example, you might want to consider stretch ceilings. 

Plasterboard ceilings versus stretch ceilings

If you’ve heard of plasterboard ceilings you might be surprised to hear that stretch ceilings – very strong PVC elastic which is stretched to create a suspended ceiling – can not only be used as an alternative to plasterboard but they also offer a number of advantages. With a plasterboard or plastered ceiling you are looking at up to a week for completion of the job. You will also have to clear and put back all items in the room concerned, dispose of all construction waste and do a thorough clean. Stretch ceilings can be installed in a day, you don’t need to remove any items in the room and no cleaning is required. If you have a number of ceilings to do, going stretch might be able to get your project schedule back on time. 

Stars in Night Sky Swimming Pool Stretch Ceiling

But there are even more benefits to stretch ceilings:

  • They are very strong and long lasting – so much so that they typically come with a 10 year guarantee
  • They are resistant to flooding, capable of holding up to 100 litres of water per square metre, returning back to their pre-flood condition once water is removed 
  • There are a huge range of design options in terms of colour, shape and finish
  • You can employ a variety of lighting affects via the use of translucent canvases and LED lighting – starry night skies are becoming very popular
  • They are more energy efficient than plasterboard ceilings, saving you even more money in the long run

How much do Stretch Ceilings cost?

Though the material cost of stretch ceilings might be higher, the reduced installation time means the cost of stretch ceilings is comparable to plasterboard at around £40 per square metre. And that’s before you consider the other advantages mentioned above. 

If you are interested in making the switch from plaster to stretch ceiling for your building project please contact us for a quote now.  


5 Years of Easy Ceilings

We’re delighted to share news of our 5th birthday at the end of June 2019.

We can’t believe it’s been 5 years already! It has been a period of high and highs (get it?), travelling around the United Kingdom installing our stretch ceilings for all our lovely clients.

Over the last 5 years Easy Ceiling Technologies has supplied and installed 15 000 square metres of stretch ceiling!

We would like to say a massive thank you to all our clients. Your questions, challenges and ideas drive us to continue to improve and develop our product and services. We look forward to helping you with your next ceiling project.

We would also like to thank our partners, suppliers and our dedicated, highly skilled team of installers.

Finally, to celebrate our 5th birthday we have decided to offer a 5% discount on any bookings made between now and the end of August 2019.

So don’t delay, enquire now!

Elena and Dmitry

Stretch Ceiling Colours

Easy Ceiling in Sussex Life

Easy Ceiling have brought our stretch ceilings to the printed word! In November 2017’s edition of Sussex Life magazine, Easy Ceiling are featured in Sara Niven’s ‘Interiors Notebook’. This is a section in which Sara ‘shares the products and services that have caught her eye this month.’


It’s no surprise that Sara should find our stretch ceilings eye-catching. Easy Ceiling’s products are tailored to fit all shapes and sizes, and are available in a vast set of finishes. We recently added the innovative DESCOR® ceilings and walls to our range, which provide photographic quality images to your walls and ceilings.


The feature is a demonstration of Easy Ceiling being at the forefront of bringing stretch ceilings to the UK. It lists some of the many benefits of choosing a stretch ceiling, and provides a brief description of the creative freedom that a stretch ceiling allows.


Elena Likhodaeva, Director of Easy Ceiling shared her thoughts on what this means for the company, and the direction she can see it moving in for 2018.


What is your vision for Easy Ceiling in 2018?

Firstly, we are developing new products and technologies to keep up with large consumer demand. We also intend to perform an in-depth design study, which will help us provide each customer with a uniquely designed interior. We’re looking to make our soundproof and antibacterial fabric finish more widely available. Other than this, we will start installing new light panels, and present dramatic ceilings with a ‘starry sky’ effect.


Where do you want to take the company next?

The stretch ceiling market has gone through rapid development this year, and the growing market keeps us busy! We’ll continue our development and the expansion of our team, both in production and installation. We’re training new installers across different locations in the United Kingdom, and carry out extra training courses in order to achieve a rapid and cost-effective service for our customers. We will continue to provide work of the highest quality.


Does a feature in Sussex Life indicate a growing reputation for Easy Ceiling?

Yes, we feel the growing popularity of the product as a whole, it reflects the high quality of our service. I am proud that our customers are satisfied with the results that we achieve. This is what gives us a good reputation, and prompted the interest from Sussex Life to feature Easy Ceiling in their magazine.

The feature can be found on page 136 of the November 2017 edition of Sussex Life magazine. The magazine can also be viewed digitally in the archive on Sussex Life’s website. If you would like to know more about Easy Ceiling and our stretch ceilings, please feel free to contact us with any questions you have.



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Why Stretch Ceilings?

Could a stretch ceiling reduce your heating bills?

Could a Stretch Ceiling Benefit Your Business?

Why Stretch Ceilings?

Could a stretch ceiling reduce your heating bills?

Image by Anthony Tran via Unsplash

Whether it is for your home or business, it’s safe to say that you are probably most conscious of heating cost in the colder months. Often you might find yourself conflicted between making your space as warm as possible and being money smart too.

Of course, basic insulation, double glazing and draft reduction are all good ways to save on energy bills (as is the simple strategy of putting on an extra jumper). But what if there was an under-the-radar way to make your space more energy efficient, making it cosier for you and your family — or, if you are a business owner, your staff and customers?

Could the right ceiling be the answer?

buy stretch ceilings

Cosy up your space with a stylish stretch ceiling

As a matter of fact, it could be. By investing in an easy to install (usually less than a day) stretch ceiling, you will also improve your insulation, potentially saving money on heating in the process.

That’s because a stretch ceiling is more energy efficient than a standard ceiling. Basically, a stretch ceiling is a specialised, stylish canvas that can be installed below your current ceiling. Your stretch ceiling will then improve insulation by trapping heat in the air space between itself and your original (still intact) ceiling.

What’s more, you can increase energy efficiency even further by placing additional insulation and acoustic materials into that air space, should you want to. It’s a system that is flexible to your needs.

Stretch ceilings can have many other benefits, including improving the appearance, acoustics and even hygiene of rooms. In short, you will be creating a warmer, quieter, more stylish environment while saving money on heating bills in the process. Sounds like a smart decision.

Want to improve your energy efficiency with a stretch ceiling? Get in touch with us for a chat.


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Stretch Ceiling FAQs

As a manufacturer, installer and supplier of stretch ceilings we get asked a lot of questions. And we love them! We realise stretch ceilings are still a relatively new idea for a lot of people so we happily take the time to answer any questions customers might have. Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

1. Why are they called stretch ceilings?

Essentially a stretch ceiling is an elastic canvas that is attached to all four walls of your room and then stretched into place using air heaters to create a suspended ceiling which is incredibly strong and durable.

2. What types of buildings are stretch ceilings recommended for?

Stretch ceilings can be used anywhere but due to their advantages in terms of strength, durability, low-maintenance, and hygiene, you will very commonly find them in schools and nurseries, indoor playgrounds, hospitals and other medical facilities, care homes, sports and leisure centres, swimming pools, bars and restaurants.

3. What different finishes are available?

There is a very wide choice of colours. You can opt for traditional matt, slightly gloss satin or a dramatic gloss finish. Let more light in with a translucent ceiling. Or why not create an impact with a printed ceiling of your logo, favourite artwork or motif. You can even create shaped, tiered or multi-level ceilings. See more design options.

4. Why are stretch ceilings recommended for swimming pools?

Stretch Ceilings

Stretch ceilings are very hygienic, anti-static and free of condensation. The stretch ceiling membrane is very thin, so it reaches room temperature very quickly, meaning no condensation and no mould. In some of our projects where the ventilation doesn’t work properly we recommend the installation of simple vent grills to get a natural circulation of air between the room and the space above the stretch ceiling. We shouldn’t forget the design options too (see point 3). A popular choice for swimming pools is a cloudy sky print. Read more about swimming pool ceilings.

5. How do stretch ceilings work with lights and other fittings and fixtures?

Short answer? Platforms for light fixtures or other systems are attached to the original ceiling and their height is adjusted to match the stretch ceiling height. Once the ceiling is in place strengthening rings are glued to the canvas and then cut inside to make holes for light fixtures and other systems. Fixtures are connected to cables, pulled through the holes and then the springs to the fixture platforms above the canvas are engaged. Long answer? See this page.

6. How much do stretch ceilings cost?

The price for the material and installation of our stretch ceilings starts at £40 per square metre. This cost is similar to a plasterboard ceiling. However with plasterboard you will need to allow for lots more time for the install and extra costs for clearing the rooms, disposal of waste and cleaning the premises. See our comparison of stretch ceilings with other ceilings.

7. How do you maintain a stretch ceiling?

It is very easy. Unlike traditional ceilings, stretch ceilings do not crack. The canvas is waterproof and can hold up to 100 litres of water per square metre of ceiling in the case of technical failure or flooding, thereby protecting your property from damage. See the video below for a variety of strength tests. They are easy to clean to, just use a damp cloth!

8. How long does it take to install a stretch ceiling?

Less than a day. See this comparison with other ceiling systems.

9. Can you train me or my team?

We are often contacted by builders and interior decorators who want to add stretch ceilings to their portfolio of services. Or maybe you just have an appetite to DIY your stretch ceiling install? We provide training courses for beginners at our Sussex factory and can supply full product information and ongoing technical support.

10. How long do stretch ceilings last?

Well, we offer a 10 year guarantee but stretch ceilings can last much longer. It’s more than likely you’ll want to change the design (which is very simple to do) before you have to replace it due to wear and tear.

Did we answer your questions? I hope so! If not please ask us and we will try to answer as quick as we can.


Introducing the Easy Ceiling Factory

Easy Ceiling Technologies is fairly unique in that we are one of the only UK stretch ceiling suppliers to have our own factory, in Hailsham, East Sussex. This means we can control the whole process for you; from manufacture through to supply, install and aftercare.



Having our own factory gives us numerous advantages.



As we are the manufacturer, supplier and installer we have complete control over your stretch ceiling installation. That means we can do it quicker than anyone else.


Having total control over the process ensures we can maintain our high quality standards.

Low prices

It’s only us in our supply chain, there aren’t multiple companies who need their cut. As a result we can guarantee the lowest stretch ceiling prices on the market without compromising the high quality of our product.


As we provide a full stretch ceiling service we have a full understanding of the product. This gives us much more expertise in helping you select the right ceiling for your property. The factory also gives us opportunity to ensure our team of installers receive expert training.


As a manufacturer we are constantly looking for new ways to innovate, be it new colours, textiles or dimensions. Recently we were the first company to introduce 5 metre wide printed stretch ceiling canvases to the UK. We love working with architects and designers to explore new ways stretch ceilings can be utilised. Our factory gives us the freedom to try out new options and experiment, like see if our ceilings can take our weight!



Design options

As we are producing your ceiling we can give you more options in terms of style, fabric, measurements and colours.


Stretch Ceiling Colours


Though we will happily take care of every step of the process for you for you we can also offer you flexibility. Here are four examples of different ways we can work with you.


1. Manufacture, Supply and Install

Once we have decided the ceiling fabric and design you need we will manufacture it, then supply and install at your location. This is advisable for property owners or business who are looking for a one time installation.

2. Manufacture & Supply

This is advisable for trained installers. We can just produce and supply stretch ceiling canvases and components required for you to do the install yourself. If you don’t have trained installers in your team but want to become a regular installer of stretch ceilings we suggest option 3.

3. Installation training

Our team of expert installers will train your team. A smart way to do this is hands-on with your first stretch ceiling install, we can guide you through the process. We’re always on hand if you get stuck or need help with future projects.



4. Set up your own factory!

So you are regular installer of stretch ceilings and you want to grow your business further? To maximise efficiency, especially if you are operating in a new country, we suggest you set up your own local production of the product, establishing contracts with local suppliers of components (profiles, protecting rings, platforms, etc). We can help you with the start-up of this business, as we have recently done in Algeria.


If you would like to learn more about Easy Ceiling Technologies please get in touch, or why not come and visit our factory?

New case studies – Gatwick Express, Spain and Devon

I’m very proud to tell you about three new projects we have recently completed; lighting panels for the new Gatwick Express lounge, a basement gym and spa in Spain and a luxury leisure suite in Devon.

Gatwick Express Lighting Panels

As regular users of Gatwick Airport ourselves we were very honoured to be asked by Gatwick Express contractors MGMC Ltd to provide circular stretch ceilings canvases for the lighting panels above their new lounge area for customers at Gatwick Airport.

Read more about this project.


Spa and Gym Ceiling Spain

Moving on from Gatwick Airport, let’s fly over to Spain, to the exclusive PGA Catalunya resort. We installed a stretch ceiling in the basement gym and spa of an award-winning architect designed, high spec, high tech villa. As you can see from the picture above, the only natural light comes through the glass wall of the outdoor swimming pool. We used a super mirrored stretch ceiling to reflect the light into the area but also to make the basement feel higher and more spacious.

Read more about this project.


Leisure Suite Ceiling Devon

Back to the UK, to Devon in particular. This project was a joy for our installation team as the sea views from the house are spectacular. We provided the ceiling for the leisure suite, complete with indoor pool, sauna, seating area, bar and pool table. As with the Spanish project we used a super mirrored white ceiling to reflect more light into the space. The owner, a keen backstroke swimmer, was delighted he could use the ceiing to note when he had to turn!

Read more about this project.


I hope you found these projects interesting? Read more case studies here. Got a project in mind? Then please get in touch.


Restaurant ceilings the Easy way

Firstly a disclaimer.

Easy Ceiling Technologies is a leading manufacturer, supplier and installer of stretch ceilings. Though other options are available (please check them out), we strongly believe that stretch ceilings are the perfect choice for restaurant ceilings. In this blog we’ll outline why.

So what are stretch ceilings?

A stretch ceiling is an incredibly tough elastic canvas which is attached to your room via a metal track then stretched taut to make a ceiling. They are incredibly quick and easy to install and because they are elastic canvases there are unlimited design choices. They are also very easy to maintain and replace.

And what’s the Easy way?

Easy Ceiling Technologies is relatively unique in that we provide a complete stretch ceiling service. We manufacture, supply and install your ceiling. We happily offer an aftercare service too. Because we have total control of the process we can promise a rapid, quality install together with a lowest price guarantee.

Tell me more

Here’s just a few of the benefits that make stretch ceilings such a perfect choice for restaurants.

Athens restaurant installation

We rapidly installed the Athens restaurant ceiling with no disruption to their business

Quick and easy install
A stretch ceiling can be installed in under a day, sometimes just a few hours. You hardly need to remove anything from the restaurant before starting, and there won’t be any mess to clean up afterwards. If your restaurant already has a ”close day” you won’t have to miss out on any business at all!

Great value
Where you really save money with stretch ceilings is on the install. As we’ve said it takes less than a day, whereas other options take up to a week. And we’d struggle to find many restaurants who’d want to be closed for that long. Check out our prices and installation comparisons with other ceiling options here.

Unlimited design options
One of the most exciting benefits of a stretch ceiling is you can print anything on your ceiling you want. A beautiful cloudy sky, the stars at night, or your restaurant logo. The choice is yours. There are also a multitude of colours and finishes to pick from. Shaped and multi-level ceilings are an option to consider too. For this London restaurant below we used a stars at night canvas surrounded by a back lit translucent ceiling that rotates through a number of different colours.


Easy to maintain and replace
Stretch ceilings are made from incredibly tough elastic so they are very durable. So durable in fact we offer a 10 year guarantee on all our ceilings. They don’t suffer from damp or corrosion. Leaks can be dealt with very easily. We realise it’s important for restaurants to regularly update their interior design. With stretch ceilings you simply remove the existing one from the metal track and install a new one.

You might be interested to read this case study of a restaurant ceiling we recently installed.

If you have a project in mind please get in touch for a quote.

What a year!

Now that the summer’s over we have been taking stock of the last twelve months.

And what a year it’s been!

Here’s a few of the highlights.


Swimming pools, swimming pools, swimming pools


Stretch Ceiling Swimming Pool


As we’re relatively new to the UK market we didn’t realise how many indoor swimming pools there are in the UK requiring a stretch ceiling. Or in the case of a job we did in Surrey, indoor swimming pools that were originally outdoor! Yes this August was very hot but we can understand why an indoor pool is a more practical option for most of the year in the UK.


New UK website brings lots of enquiries


We worked with digital marketing agency ADMAN to create and then promote this new UK website in March 2016. Since then the enquiries have been growing by the month.


5 metre printed ceiling canvas – an UK Exclusive


5 metre sky printed ceiling


Stretch ceiling canvases are normally offered in 2 or 3.5 metre widths. This can cause issues with printed ceilings where the join of the canvas can be more visible. We solved this issue with the UK’s first 5 metre width stretch ceiling canvas.


Growing our installer network


We happily will travel across the UK to install a ceiling but we’ve been building our supplier network so we can complete projects across the country even quicker. We now have expert stretch ceiling installers available in Birmingham, London and Sussex.


Gatwick Express


Gatwick Express Stretch Ceiling


As our factory is based in Sussex it’s always an honour for us to work with local companies. We were delighted when the Gatwick Express chose us to install a new circular stretch ceilings at Gatwick Airport.


What’s next?


More of the same we hope! We will continue to build our installer network and hope to take on larger commercial projects. Innovation is part of our DNA so we hope to create a few more firsts in the world of stretch ceilings too.

Thanks to all of you who have helped us in the last year. We wouldn’t be in this position without you!