Ceiling Insulation

Oct 20, 2021 | Benefits

What with the Insulate Britain movement and the recent championing of heat pumps there is a clear drive from both the public and the government to be more sustainable in our use of energy.

But what have ceilings got to do with it all?

Well, let us explain. Although not as often mentioned as, say loft insulation, or wall insulation, ceiling insulation is a thing and can be done incredibly efficiently with stretch ceilings.

The first thing to bear in mind is that a stretch ceiling is fitted below your original ceiling. This is already conserving energy usage as you have less of the room to heat. Because the stretch ceiling is a PVC canvas, which is less porous than other ceiling materials, less heat will escape from the room and heat will actually be trapped in the air space between the stretch ceiling and your original ceiling (the same effect as double glazing). Even better, you can place additional insulation (we recommend Kingspan) into the airspace.

Ceiling Insulation
We fitted this stretch ceiling with additional Kingspan insulation

Don’t just take our word for it

Easy Ceiling is a member of the University of Brighton’s Green Growth Programme. We worked with the University’s Thermal-efficiency academic experts to evaluate the energy efficiency of stretch ceilings. They concluded that stretch ceilings “grant excellent results in most scenarios, reducing the energy needs of the building, improving the indoor comfort conditions, and achieving up to 5 years payback time even in the absence of incentives. Additionally, in each scenario, the Easy Ceiling stretch ceiling solution outperformed traditional solutions in terms of energy performance and can achieve better financial returns thanks to the lower costs.”

Stretch Ceilings are also 100% Recyclable

Did you know that the popular ceiling materials like plaster, plasterboard and suspended panels are not recyclable? But stretch ceilings are, in fact, 100% recyclable! They also weigh a fraction of other materials so they need less fuel and energy to get to site. Installing your stretch ceiling is incredibly easy too, rooms don’t need to be cleared or cleaned up after install and stretch ceilings create zero waste unlike other ceiling options. Stretch ceilings also have a longer shelf life than other ceiling materials, most coming with a 10 year guarantee or longer.

Don’t forget the ceiling!

So if you are thinking the time has come to do more in terms of insulating your home, don’t forget to evaluate your ceiling options. Going stretch is the most sustainable option.

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