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Dec 20, 2017 | News

Sussex Life  and Stretch Ceilings

Easy Ceiling have brought our stretch ceilings to the printed word! In November 2017’s edition of Sussex Life magazine, Easy Ceiling are featured in Sara Niven’s ‘Interiors Notebook’. This is a section in which Sara ‘shares the products and services that have caught her eye this month.’

It’s no surprise that Sara should find our stretch ceilings eye-catching. Easy Ceiling’s products are tailored to fit all shapes and sizes, and are available in a vast set of finishes. We recently added the innovative DESCOR® ceilings and walls to our range, which provide photographic quality images to your walls and ceilings.

The feature is a demonstration of Easy Ceiling being at the forefront of bringing stretch ceilings to the UK. It lists some of the many benefits of choosing a stretch ceiling, and provides a brief description of the creative freedom that a stretch ceiling allows.

Elena Likhodaeva, Director of Easy Ceiling shared her thoughts on what this means for the company, and the direction she can see it moving in for 2018.

What is your vision for Easy Ceiling in 2018?

Firstly, we are developing new products and technologies to keep up with large consumer demand. We also intend to perform an in-depth design study, which will help us provide each customer with a uniquely designed interior. We’re looking to make our soundproof and antibacterial fabric finish more widely available. Other than this, we will start installing new light panels, and present dramatic ceilings with a ‘starry sky’ effect.

Where do you want to take the company next?

The stretch ceiling market has gone through rapid development this year, and the growing market keeps us busy! We’ll continue our development and the expansion of our team, both in production and installation. We’re training new installers across different locations in the United Kingdom, and carry out extra training courses in order to achieve a rapid and cost-effective service for our customers. We will continue to provide work of the highest quality.

Does a feature in Sussex Life indicate a growing reputation for Easy Ceiling?

Yes, we feel the growing popularity of the product as a whole, it reflects the high quality of our service. I am proud that our customers are satisfied with the results that we achieve. This is what gives us a good reputation, and prompted the interest from Sussex Life to feature Easy Ceiling in their magazine.

Sussex lIfe Feature

The feature can be found on page 136 of the November 2017 edition of Sussex Life magazine. The magazine can also be viewed digitally in the archive on Sussex Life’s website. If you would like to know more about Easy Ceiling and our stretch ceilings, please feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

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