Pride in London

Jun 6, 2024 | Designs, Events, News

In celebration of Pride in London, which this year takes place on 29th June, we thought we would share our rainbow flag of stretch ceilings. The rainbow flag or pride flag is a symbol of LGBT pride and LGBT social movements. It typically has six colours, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple.

In addition to flexibility in terms of material, finish and shape, stretch ceilings come in a variety of different colours. Every colour in the rainbow and much more! Printed options are also available so if you want the Pride flag as a ceiling for your house or business please let us know and we will make it happen!


Our Easy Ceiling Rainbow Flag above is created using crops from six different stretch ceiling images. Read more about each ceiling below.


Red Stretch Ceiling

In this gymnasium a red stretch ceiling is used to match the red walls creating a feeling of dynamism and energy.


stretch ceiling designs uk

Another ceiling and wall colour match to create a room full of happiness and hope. In this room multi-level ceilings, easy to create with stretch ceilings, are used to create depth and echo the curves of the staircase and furniture.


IMG 20240423 WA0000

Stretch ceilings are becoming increasingly popular due to their versatility with regards to lighting. In this swimming pool, the bright yellow perimeter lighting shines through stretch ceilings panels to create a stunning finish.


Fibre optic night sky star ceiling in Nunthorpe Middlesbrough

More and more of our clients are asking for ‘starry night sky’ stretch ceilings for their pool or cinema rooms. This one uses colour changeable (automatic or manual) fibre optic lighting.


DSC 0484

We’ve cheated a bit here we’re afraid. This is actually a white matt multi-level ceiling. But the blue light from the reflection of the pool created a lovely blue for our rainbow flag so we couldn’t resist. We do do a variety of blue ceilings. We promise!


Purple Stretch Ceiling

This bedroom stretch ceiling is definitely purple. To match the furnishings!

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