Six Swimming Pool Ceiling Design Ideas

May 15, 2019 | Designs

Stars in Night Sky Swimming Pool Stretch Ceiling

As a stretch ceiling supplier we install a lot of swimming pool ceilings. We love swimming pool projects as they always have a unique brief. Swimming pools are a luxury addition so clients rightly give their imagination free reign. We relish the challenge of making their dream designs a reality.

Planning your own swimming pool build and looking for inspiration? Here are six swimming pool ceiling design ideas to get you started.

1. Sky Ceilings

Our most popular request for swimming pool ceilings is a cloudy sky. This is created by printing an image of a cloudy sky on to your stretch ceiling. Want more clouds or sky only? No problems, we can use any design.

Stretch Ceiling swimming pool

2. Star Ceilings

Sky ceilings are a popular option today but we wouldn’t be surprised if they are overtaken by fibre optic ceilings in the future. Fibre optics are attached to your original ceiling, or a false ceiling, and then your stretch ceiling fits below. The lights can then be set with a number of options, to sparkle like a night sky (see below), or to rotate through a selection of colours.

Stars in Night Sky Swimming Pool Stretch Ceiling

3. Super Reflective Ceilings

Often employed when a swimming pool room has low ceilings, super mirror offer great reflection of the light to create the feeling of more height and space. As the name suggests they also have a highly reflective effect. One of our clients specifically requested a super mirror swimming pool ceiling so he could see when he needed to turn whilst doing the backstroke!

swimming pool ceiling

4. Coloured and Mirror Ceilings

Black Gloss Stretch Ceiling

5. Multi-level Ceilings

When you install a stretch ceiling you’re essentially creating a new ceiling layer. So this gives you the option to create different levels and shapes to your ceiling. This is a popular design for indoor swimming pools with a higher ceiling and sky lights over the pool.

swimming pool stretch ceiling

6. White Satin

Sometimes there’s so much going on the below the ceiling you want to keep it simple with a white satin ceiling finish to give the pool, decor and furnishings the chance to shine.

White Satin Swimming Pool Ceiling

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