Solving Problems with Stretch Ceilings

Jun 22, 2022 | Benefits

Stretch ceilings have a huge number of product benefits including strength, energy efficiency and almost unlimited design options. One of their most underrated benefits however, is their flexibility. Time and time again we find they are able to help us solve some of the problems that are to be expected with any major property development. Here are a few of the most common problems that we find stretch ceilings can help solve.


Hiding unsightly ceilings

Do you have a hideous ceiling that has been neglected for years? Not only is access difficult, especially for large and roomy areas but any conventional repairs and decoration will require significant time and budget in terms of structural repairs, decoration and whole room cleaning, clearing and then getting everything back in. The easy solution is to put in a lovely new stretch ceiling, completely hiding your unsightly ceiling without having to touch it! Above is an image of a ceiling install we completed for a Zehnder showroom in the UK. You can even vamp up your room with an eye-catching ceiling design as well as futuristic lighting effects which are easy to create with stretch ceilings.

Brightening up dark rooms

Some rooms, particularly basements suffer from a limited amount of light and can therefore feel very dark. Stretch ceilings are a great alternative to traditional painted plaster ceilings as one of their most popular finishes is gloss which reflects a lot more light making the room feel brighter. See below for an example, this is a gloss stretch ceiling we installed in a dark basement spa suite in Spain.

Gloss.Stretch.Ceiling.for .Spa .Suite

Rapid installation

If you are a commercial business it is likely that you want any redevelopment or redecoration to be done as quickly as possible so you can get back open for business. If your project is running over or you have a hard deadline that you can’t miss, then opting for stretch ceilings versus traditional plaster can knock weeks off the schedule.

Minimise damage from leaks

Leaks can cause a huge amount of damage to your property, and if you are a commercial business you may be forced to close temporarily, causing further pain to your bottom line. But stretch ceilings are incredibly strong and flexible so in most cases they will just stretch to accommodate the water overflow so it does not flood the room below. The excess water can be drained simply and safely, the ceiling repaired and then heated to return to its original smooth surface. See below for an example fix we did for one of our UK hotel clients.

Have you got a ceiling problem that you can’t solve? Get in touch now, we would love to see if we can help you.

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