Why Stretch Ceilings?

Dec 8, 2017 | Benefits, News

Stretch ceilings have been widely used in Europe for some time. Here in the UK, their use is escalating too.

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More and more designers and architects in the UK are recommending a stretch ceiling to clients refurbishing their homes or business spaces.

Why? Because a stretch ceiling can be installed in a few days.

It is reliable, low maintenance, low cost and comes in a huge range of finishes and designs, including printed options.

Get bored of the design? No problems it can be easily changed.

Please read on to understand the full benefits of a stretch ceiling.

Here are Easy Ceiling’s top 10 reasons why a stretch ceiling is the only option.

1. Flexible

Essentially a stretch ceiling is an elastic canvas. This means it is very flexible in how it can be used. It will accommodate any kind of lighting, ventilation or alarm system. It can also be shaped into a myriad of forms such as curves, waves, and arches. The choice of colours, textures, patterns or prints is pretty much unlimited.

2. Low maintenance

As stretch ceilings are so strong and reliable we offer a 10 year guarantee. They are easy to clean and do not suffer from damp or corrosion. Condensation doesn’t settle and stretch ceilings do not react to detergents or other chemical agents. There is no cracking, flaking or peeling of paint that you might expect with a traditional plastered ceiling.

3. Low cost

The efficiency of production and installation means a stretch ceiling is much better value than traditional alternatives such as plastered (dry wall) ceilings,  ceiling tiles or other framed ceiling systems.

4. Printed ceilings

One of the most exciting aspects of a Stretch Ceiling is that you can print any design you want enabling you to create a real ‘wow’ factor for your business or home. Companies might want a unique ceiling showcasing their brand or best selling product. Blue skies with clouds are a popular choice for homes. Take a look at our printed ceiling gallery for further inspiration.

5. Rapid installation

A stretch ceiling can be rapidly installed in under a day, sometimes even just a few hours, keeping any disruption to your home or business to a minimum.

6. Hygenic

Because stretch ceilings are easy to clean and do not corrode or suffer from condensation or damp, they are recommended for ceilings in medical or educational institutions which require a sterile environment.

7. Energy efficient

The air gap between your stretch ceiling and the original ceiling can help provide insulation. This can be amplified via the use of additional insulation and acoustic materials in the air space.

8. Look good

With every stretch ceiling you can expect a smooth, professional finish that looks great. The options for colour, texture, and design are pretty much unlimited too. All the bumps, cracks and discolourations of your original ceiling are hidden in one easy step.

9. Easily replaceable

Your stretch ceiling is connected to your walls via aluminium frames. This makes it incredibly easy to remove and replace if you want to update your design or change colour.

10. Safe & Reliable

Easy Ceiling’s stretch ceilings are produced from PVC films and are defined as stretched ceilings (Product standard EN 14716) with a fire safety classification in accordance with EN 13501=1:2002 and NF EN 13501-1+A1:2013. Stretch ceilings are waterproof, protecting rooms from the risk of leaks and floods. If a leak does occur the ceiling expands to accommodate the water and once this is safely removed it returns to its original form. No floor repair required!

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