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Jun 28, 2017 | News

As a manufacturer, installer and supplier of stretch ceilings we get asked a lot of questions. And we love them! We realise stretch ceilings are still a relatively new idea for a lot of people so we happily take the time to answer any questions customers might have. Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

1. Why are they called stretch ceilings?

Essentially a stretch ceiling is an elastic canvas that is attached to all four walls of your room and then stretched into place using air heaters to create a suspended ceiling which is incredibly strong and durable.

2. What types of buildings are stretch ceilings recommended for?

Stretch ceilings can be used anywhere but due to their advantages in terms of strength, durability, low-maintenance, and hygiene, you will very commonly find them in schools and nurseries, indoor playgrounds, hospitals and other medical facilities, care homes, sports and leisure centres, swimming pools, bars and restaurants.

3. What different finishes are available?

There is a very wide choice of colours. You can opt for traditional matt, slightly gloss satin or a dramatic gloss finish. Let more light in with a translucent ceiling. Or why not create an impact with a printed ceiling of your logo, favourite artwork or motif. You can even create shaped, tiered or multi-level ceilings. See more design options.

4. Why are stretch ceilings recommended for swimming pools?

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Stretch ceilings are very hygienic, anti-static and free of condensation. The stretch ceiling membrane is very thin, so it reaches room temperature very quickly, meaning no condensation and no mould. In some of our projects where the ventilation doesn’t work properly we recommend the installation of simple vent grills to get a natural circulation of air between the room and the space above the stretch ceiling. We shouldn’t forget the design options too (see point 3). A popular choice for swimming pools is a cloudy sky print. Read more about swimming pool ceilings.

5. How do stretch ceilings work with lights and other fittings and fixtures?

Short answer? Platforms for light fixtures or other systems are attached to the original ceiling and their height is adjusted to match the stretch ceiling height. Once the ceiling is in place strengthening rings are glued to the canvas and then cut inside to make holes for light fixtures and other systems. Fixtures are connected to cables, pulled through the holes and then the springs to the fixture platforms above the canvas are engaged. Long answer? See this page.

6. How much do stretch ceilings cost?

The price for the material and installation of our stretch ceilings starts at £40 per square metre. This cost is similar to a plasterboard ceiling. However with plasterboard you will need to allow for lots more time for the install and extra costs for clearing the rooms, disposal of waste and cleaning the premises. See our comparison of stretch ceilings with other ceilings.

7. How do you maintain a stretch ceiling?

It is very easy. Unlike traditional ceilings, stretch ceilings do not crack. The canvas is waterproof and can hold up to 100 litres of water per square metre of ceiling in the case of technical failure or flooding, thereby protecting your property from damage. See the video below for a variety of strength tests. They are easy to clean to, just use a damp cloth!

8. How long does it take to install a stretch ceiling?

Less than a day. See this comparison with other ceiling systems.

9. Can you train me or my team?

We are often contacted by builders and interior decorators who want to add stretch ceilings to their portfolio of services. Or maybe you just have an appetite to DIY your stretch ceiling install? We provide training courses for beginners at our Sussex factory and can supply full product information and ongoing technical support.

10. How long do stretch ceilings last?

Well, we offer a 10 year guarantee but stretch ceilings can last much longer. It’s more than likely you’ll want to change the design (which is very simple to do) before you have to replace it due to wear and tear.

Did we answer your questions? I hope so! If not please ask us and we will try to answer as quick as we can.


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