Which Stretch Ceiling Finish – Gloss, Satin, Matt or Textile?

Aug 28, 2017 | Designs

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You’ve decided to get a stretch ceiling because you know it’s going to totally transform your space, whether that’s your home, office or commercial premises. You’ve also decided that you’re going for a standard stretch ceiling style (rather than translucent, shaped, printed or mirrored).

So far, so good. But now you’ve reached a crucial decision ­— which finish should you choose? Gloss? Satin? Matt? Even fabric? And what’s the difference when it comes to stretch ceilings, anyway? If you’re feeling torn by indecision, don’t worry, we’re here to help you. In essence, choosing your stretch ceiling finish is just about deciding what effect you want to create.

Here’s our guide to deciding which stretch ceiling finish is right for your space…

Gloss stretch ceilings

swimming pool ceiling

Do you want your space to stand out? Then a gloss (lacquer) finish is a great choice, as this option tends to play a starring role in rooms. On top of having the ‘wow factor’, the light reflecting qualities of gloss finishes can make smaller rooms feel bigger and brighter.

What they’re great for: Gloss stretch ceilings are ideal for swimming pools, bars, restaurants, salons and showrooms, or any space where you want to make an impact. A gloss finish can also transform rooms in your home, especially those lacking light. However, if you’re aiming for a more low-key effect then a gloss stretch ceiling may not be the right choice. They’re also not great for rooms that get lots of sunlight, as they can create glare.

Satin stretched ceilings

Matt ceiling

If you want a finish that’s subtler than gloss but which still has a lovely shimmer, then choose a satin stretched ceiling. Satin finishes have a pearly, light reflecting sheen, so they’re the ideal happy medium between gloss and matt ceilings.

What they’re great for: Satin stretched ceilings can make rooms feel a little bit bigger and brighter, without the high-impact factor of gloss. They’re ideal for home interiors and have a softening effect on paint colours. If you want to gently reflect sunlight in a room without magnifying it too much, then a satin finish works really well for this. For this reason, it’s also ideal for a conservatory. Satin stretched ceilings strike a nice balance between classic and contemporary decor styles, so if you like combining antiques with cutting-edge chic, this finish will complement both.

 Matt stretched ceilings

Satin ceiling

Matt stretch ceilings create a classic, velvety finish. That’s because matt has the effect of a smoothly painted surface and doesn’t reflect light. If you want your stretch ceiling to look like a traditional plaster ceiling, then this is the choice for you.

What they’re great for: Matt stretched ceilings create a timeless feel in spaces. They’re are all about subtlety so are perfect for more sober or conservative businesses, such as law firms. They’re also great for complementing retro or vintage decor in your home. Matt finishes can also make large rooms feel cosier, particularly if the ceiling colour is a warmer shade. However, they’re not always ideal for smaller, darker spaces that lack natural light.

Fabric (Textile) stretched ceilings

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For a look that’s a little bit different, textile stretch ceilings can create a very distinctive effect. As well as being striking, fabric stretch ceilings can help to minimise noise as you can add accompanying sound-absorbing acoustic panels. High-end textile for stretch walls and ceilings can also include integrated hygiene technology that will combat multi-resistant bacteria (including MRSA) longterm. In other words, textile stretch ceilings have benefits beyond being eye-catching.

What they’re great for:
Textile ceilings are great for making corporate or commercial spaces stand out. They’re also perfect for creating a cosy, cocoon-like feel to rooms in your home. A textile ceiling would also be a good choice for noisy places that would benefit from being quieter, such as hospitals. However, this choice is not so great for creating more of a sense of light and space in a room.

Hopefully by now you’re an expert on stretch ceiling finishes and are ready to make your choice. But if you’d like more advice from us, please get in touch for a chat.

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