Stretch Ceiling Lighting – New Options

Aug 26, 2021 | Designs

One of the great things about stretch ceilings is their flexibility, especially when it comes to lighting. Translucent ceilings are a popular choice as you can create a variety of different lighting effects that shine through the ceiling.

Also becoming increasingly popular with our clients is strip lighting, where you can light the perimeter or certain strips of your ceiling with either monochrome white or multi-colour changeable LED lights. There are two ways we can do this for you; via a universal LED ceiling track or via a double LED track. Both options are explained below.

Universal LED Ceiling Track

Universal LED Light Stretch Ceiling Track

This track has a single path for lights with a width of 20 mm and a light diffusing insert fitted below. This track can be fitted either to walls or to the base ceiling.

Below is an example of universal LED ceiling tracking we installed for a client in Wiltshire.

Universal LED Stretch Ceiling Lighting Track

Double LED Ceiling Track

LED Light Stretch Ceiling Double Track

With this option the lighting is inserted where the stretch ceiling canvas joins together, for example in the pitch of a ceiling or at the edges of multi-level ceilings. Lights with a width of 20 mm are fitted above and then diffused via an insert below.

Below is an example of a double LED ceiling track we installed for a client in Somerset.

Double LED Light Stretch Ceiling Track

If you would like to discuss either of these LED light stretch ceiling options further please get in touch.


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