Stretch Ceilings – stronger than you think

Mar 31, 2016 | Maintenance

One of the biggest misconceptions about stretch ceilings is they’re not very strong. It is easy to be fooled by their appearance, a very thin film of pvc elastic canvas, but let us assure you stretch ceilings are very, very strong.

Please watch this strength test video below, carried out by our installers, Andrew and Peter.



If you don’t have time here’s a quick summary of the tests.


1. Golf club poke

In this first test Andrew has grabbed a golf club, it looks like a seven iron, and is poking the ceiling with the club. You can see an impression being made but then the ceiling shape and appearance quickly reverts back to what it was.

2. Golf ball throw

Now Andrew has got a golf ball and he throws it upwards as hard as he can. It just bounces off and again, the ceiling quickly reverts back to it’s original appearance. There is no marking.

3. Popping cork

To celebrate his golf success Andrew now vigorously shakes up a bottle of brut and lets the cork fly at the ceiling. The result? No impact what so ever on the ceiling’s appearance. None of the marking or damage you might expect on a plastered ceiling.

4. Major leak

Andrew and Peter use a funnel to ‘leak’ approximately 5 litres of dirty water on to the ceiling, through the light fitting. The ceiling just expands to accommodate the leak. Then a large bucket is placed under the light fitting and the ceiling is simply pressed around where the ceiling has expanded to guide the water through the light fitting area into the bucket. Again the ceiling reverts back to its exact original appearance.


So there you have it, four simple tests to illustrate how strong stretch ceilings are. This is one of the reasons that they are so easy to maintain, because it’s hard to damage them! So hard in fact that we offer a 10 year guarantee on all our stretch ceiling systems. You might be surprised to hear that stretch ceilings can cost the same if not less than more traditional ceiling options, quicker and less messy to install too. Factor in their reliability and the flexibility of designs and you can understand why many people are switching to stretch ceilings. If you would like a free quote please get in touch.


Update added 18.4.2016

Watch one of our installers in our latest strength test video – putting his whole body weight on the ceiling!


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