Indoor Swimming Pool Stretch Ceilings

Jun 21, 2016 | Designs, Recent projects

Stretch ceilings are the perfect choice for indoor swimming pool ceilings. In this post we outline ten very good reasons why. We also share a summary of some recent swimming pool ceiling projects we have completed.

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Indoor swimming pool stretch ceiling


Swimming Pool Ceilings – 10 reasons why you should use stretch ceilings

1. Stretch ceilings do not corrode, the material is unaffected by damp or toxic gases like sulphur and chlorine. The incredibly tough elastic canvas is waterproof and acts as a barrier to moisture and corrosive vapours which cannot pass through into the void and metal framework above the ceiling.

2. Stretch ceilings have an antibacterial surface so they are not affected by microflora (algae and fungi) forming on the surface.

3. As stretch ceilings are waterproof they can provide additional protection against leaks, they are capable of holding a surprisingly large volume of water. See the end of this video:

4. Stretch ceilings are very low maintenance. Our ceilings come with a 10 year guarantee. They will never need repainting or redecorating. The elastic canvas is completely washable and easy to clean.

5. Stretch ceilings are environmentally friendly in a number of aspects. They are 100% recyclable. They can also provide more insulation to a room by acting as a seal between the roof and a room but also by reducing the amount of space in a room that needs to be kept warm.

6. They can easily hide ugly ceilings. As stretch ceilings are fitted below the original ceiling or roof they can easily be used to hide the ugly aspects of ceilings such as exposed pipework or bulkheads. They are also flexible and can be designed to accommodate most light fittings and other fixtures such as air-conditioning or alarm systems.

7. Design options. It’s easy to be more creative with stretch ceilings. You can print images, make them translucent or create different shapes and levels to your ceiling. Even a more standard glossy stretch ceiling can have a powerful effect by maximising the reflection of light and ripples from your pool. They also work very well with different lighting systems such as strip lights.

8. Good acoustics. Stretch Ceilings offer strong acoustic properties which can help address noise reverberation problems that often occur with indoor swimming pools.

9. They work well with large spaces. One stretch ceiling canvas can cover an area of 50 square metres. It’s straightforward to cover up to thousands of square metres using joining rails above the ceiling.

10. They are economical. Lastly and most importantly for a lot of people is the cost. The cost of stretch ceilings is comparable with most other ceiling options. However they are far quicker and cheaper to install. They are also cheaper to maintain and replace.

Some of our recent Swimming Pool Ceiling projects

swimming pool ceiling

We love telling the story of this swimming pool ceiling we recently completed in Devon. It was required for a large ground floor swimming pool and spa, complete with bar, pool table, lounge area and sauna. Stretch ceilings take up less space than traditional plasterboard ceilings, perfect for this space which had limited height. A mirror canvas was used to make the room feel larger and taller but also to bring more light into the area. The best aspect though, is the client, a keen backstroke swimmer, can now spot in the ceiling when he needs to turn! Read more about this project.

Matt ceiling

We are used to helping turn outdoor swimming pools into indoor ones. This Surrey based client had initially built a large outdoor swimming pool. But then with the British summer as it is, they weren’t getting much use out of it so they decided to make the outdoor pool indoor, in their case via the build of a large orangerie. However seven years later and the orangerie ceiling was due a repair, the glass ceiling panels were also making the pool a little too hot. So their roofing company got in touch with us to see what we could do. Read more about this project.

So there you have it. If you’re considering a new swimming pool ceiling I would hope you are now converted to stretch ceilings. Please get in touch for a quote.


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