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Easy Ceiling have brought our stretch ceilings to the printed word! In November 2017’s edition of Sussex Life magazine, Easy Ceiling are featured in Sara Niven’s ‘Interiors Notebook’. This is a section in which Sara ‘shares the products and services that have caught her eye this month.’


It’s no surprise that Sara should find our stretch ceilings eye-catching. Easy Ceiling’s products are tailored to fit all shapes and sizes, and are available in a vast set of finishes. We recently added the innovative DESCOR® ceilings and walls to our range, which provide photographic quality images to your walls and ceilings.


The feature is a demonstration of Easy Ceiling being at the forefront of bringing stretch ceilings to the UK. It lists some of the many benefits of choosing a stretch ceiling, and provides a brief description of the creative freedom that a stretch ceiling allows.


Elena Likhodaeva, Director of Easy Ceiling shared her thoughts on what this means for the company, and the direction she can see it moving in for 2018.


What is your vision for Easy Ceiling in 2018?

Firstly, we are developing new products and technologies to keep up with large consumer demand. We also intend to perform an in-depth design study, which will help us provide each customer with a uniquely designed interior. We’re looking to make our soundproof and antibacterial fabric finish more widely available. Other than this, we will start installing new light panels, and present dramatic ceilings with a ‘starry sky’ effect.


Where do you want to take the company next?

The stretch ceiling market has gone through rapid development this year, and the growing market keeps us busy! We’ll continue our development and the expansion of our team, both in production and installation. We’re training new installers across different locations in the United Kingdom, and carry out extra training courses in order to achieve a rapid and cost-effective service for our customers. We will continue to provide work of the highest quality.


Does a feature in Sussex Life indicate a growing reputation for Easy Ceiling?

Yes, we feel the growing popularity of the product as a whole, it reflects the high quality of our service. I am proud that our customers are satisfied with the results that we achieve. This is what gives us a good reputation, and prompted the interest from Sussex Life to feature Easy Ceiling in their magazine.

The feature can be found on page 136 of the November 2017 edition of Sussex Life magazine. The magazine can also be viewed digitally in the archive on Sussex Life’s website. If you would like to know more about Easy Ceiling and our stretch ceilings, please feel free to contact us with any questions you have.



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Why Stretch Ceilings?

Could a stretch ceiling reduce your heating bills?

Could a Stretch Ceiling Benefit Your Business?

Could a stretch ceiling reduce your heating bills?

Image by Anthony Tran via Unsplash

Whether it is for your home or business, it’s safe to say that you are probably most conscious of heating cost in the colder months. Often you might find yourself conflicted between making your space as warm as possible and being money smart too.

Of course, basic insulation, double glazing and draft reduction are all good ways to save on energy bills (as is the simple strategy of putting on an extra jumper). But what if there was an under-the-radar way to make your space more energy efficient, making it cosier for you and your family — or, if you are a business owner, your staff and customers?

Could the right ceiling be the answer?

buy stretch ceilings

Cosy up your space with a stylish stretch ceiling

As a matter of fact, it could be. By investing in an easy to install (usually less than a day) stretch ceiling, you will also improve your insulation, potentially saving money on heating in the process.

That’s because a stretch ceiling is more energy efficient than a standard ceiling. Basically, a stretch ceiling is a specialised, stylish canvas that can be installed below your current ceiling. Your stretch ceiling will then improve insulation by trapping heat in the air space between itself and your original (still intact) ceiling.

What’s more, you can increase energy efficiency even further by placing additional insulation and acoustic materials into that air space, should you want to. It’s a system that is flexible to your needs.

Stretch ceilings can have many other benefits, including improving the appearance, acoustics and even hygiene of rooms. In short, you will be creating a warmer, quieter, more stylish environment while saving money on heating bills in the process. Sounds like a smart decision.

Want to improve your energy efficiency with a stretch ceiling? Get in touch with us for a chat.


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Could a stretch ceiling benefit your business?
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Could a Stretch Ceiling Benefit Your Business?

Beauty Salon

It’s true that stretch ceilings can totally transform the look and feel of your business space. But can they also attract more customers and boost sales? We believe they can. That’s because stretch ceilings have added benefits that draw customers, guests and clients back time and time again.

Here are five ways that a stretch ceiling could boost your business, whether it’s a shop, restaurant, hotel, salon, spa or other enterprise:

stretch ceiling designs

1. They’re attention grabbing ­
If you want to make your business stand out and draw people in, then a shaped or printed ceiling could be the way to go. For instance, if you own a spa, then a tranquil ceiling prints of clouds, flowers or birds could really enhance your clients’ experience. Likewise, arty prints on boutique hotel room ceilings could be a unique selling point for potential guests. And creatively shaped ceilings with arches, curves, waves or tiers are a wonderful way to make your shop space stand out.

2. They can keep spaces warmer
No one wants to dine in a chilly restaurant or cafe, have their hair styled in a frigid salon or browse for too long in a freezing cold shop. Yet at the same time, you have to balance the fact that heating costs can be a big expense when running a business. A stretch ceiling can solve this problem by providing extra insulation for your premises. Basically, with stretch ceilings, air reflects from above before travelling back down to the room, making your space warmer and more welcoming for customers. Plus you’ll save money on heating bills too.

stretch ceiling suppliers


3. They can maximise light
If you’re worried that your business premises are a tad on the dark or dim side, then a gloss, mirror or even translucent ceiling could make your space feel brighter. And let’s face it, customers are much more likely to linger in a space filled with positive, energising light than somewhere gloomy and depressing. This is especially true for businesses such as fitness studios, cafes and shops.

4. They can enhance peace and quiet
If you’re running a hotel, spa, restaurant or any other business where people might enjoy a bit of tranquillity, then noise interference (from neighbouring businesses, traffic or pedestrians) can be a major issue. Thankfully, you can get stretch ceilings with added soundproofing, helping your space to remain a calm oasis. Soundproofed stretch ceilings can also be hugely beneficial to gig and performance venues.


5. They’ll help keep
your space fresh
Stale food odours can be a real problem for cafes, bars, hotels and restaurants. Likewise, hair and beauty salons can face the challenge of unpleasant chemical smells, and all businesses have to combat the lingering whiff of cleaning products. This is where a stretch ceiling comes in as, unlike a plaster ceiling, the fabric will absorb and minimise odours from food and other substances. This will help keep your premises smelling fresh every day, creating a better ambience for your customers.

By now, you probably have a better idea of how a stretch ceiling could transform the look and feel of your business space, from enhancing available light to creating a distinct visual identity for your brand. If you’d liked advice from us on how to pick the right ceiling for your commercial premises, then get in touch for a chat.


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Introducing DESCOR® — an exciting new interior design innovation


We always like to be at the cutting edge of design at Easy Ceiling. That’s why we’re bringing you an exciting new innovation — DESCOR® walls and ceilings for your home or business. Created by leading specialists PONGS®, the DESCOR® textile system will take your interior design to a whole new level.

Read more

Which Stretch Ceiling Finish – Gloss, Satin, Matt or Textile?

Stretch ceiling in contemporary office space

You’ve decided to get a stretch ceiling because you know it’s going to totally transform your space, whether that’s your home, office or commercial premises. You’ve also decided that you’re going for a standard stretch ceiling style (rather than translucent, shaped, printed or mirrored).

So far, so good. But now you’ve reached a crucial decision ­— which finish should you choose? Gloss? Satin? Matt? Even fabric? And what’s the difference when it comes to stretch ceilings, anyway? If you’re feeling torn by indecision, don’t worry, we’re here to help you. In essence, choosing your stretch ceiling finish is just about deciding what effect you want to create.

Here’s our guide to deciding which stretch ceiling finish is right for your space…

Gloss stretch ceilings

Gloss ceiling over swimming pool

Do you want your space to stand out? Then a gloss (lacquer) finish is a great choice, as this option tends to play a starring role in rooms. On top of having the ‘wow factor’, the light reflecting qualities of gloss finishes can make smaller rooms feel bigger and brighter.

What they’re great for: Gloss stretch ceilings are ideal for swimming pools, bars, restaurants, salons and showrooms, or any space where you want to make an impact. A gloss finish can also transform rooms in your home, especially those lacking light. However, if you’re aiming for a more low-key effect then a gloss stretch ceiling may not be the right choice. They’re also not great for rooms that get lots of sunlight, as they can create glare.

Satin stretched ceilings

Satin stretched ceiling over swimming pool


If you want a finish that’s subtler than gloss but which still has a lovely shimmer, then choose a satin stretched ceiling. Satin finishes have a pearly, light reflecting sheen, so they’re the ideal happy medium between gloss and matt ceilings.

What they’re great for: Satin stretched ceilings can make rooms feel a little bit bigger and brighter, without the high-impact factor of gloss. They’re ideal for home interiors and have a softening effect on paint colours. If you want to gently reflect sunlight in a room without magnifying it too much, then a satin finish works really well for this. For this reason, it’s also ideal for a conservatory. Satin stretched ceilings strike a nice balance between classic and contemporary decor styles, so if you like combining antiques with cutting-edge chic, this finish will complement both.

 Matt stretched ceilings

White matt stretched ceiling


Matt stretch ceilings create a classic, velvety finish. That’s because matt has the effect of a smoothly painted surface and doesn’t reflect light. If you want your stretch ceiling to look like a traditional plaster ceiling, then this is the choice for you.

What they’re great for: Matt stretched ceilings create a timeless feel in spaces. They’re are all about subtlety so are perfect for more sober or conservative businesses, such as law firms. They’re also great for complementing retro or vintage decor in your home. Matt finishes can also make large rooms feel cosier, particularly if the ceiling colour is a warmer shade. However, they’re not always ideal for smaller, darker spaces that lack natural light.

Fabric (Textile) stretched ceilings

Blue fabric stretched ceiling over office meeting room

For a look that’s a little bit different, textile stretch ceilings can create a very distinctive effect. As well as being striking, fabric stretch ceilings can help to minimise noise as you can add accompanying sound-absorbing acoustic panels. High-end textile for stretch walls and ceilings can also include integrated hygiene technology that will combat multi-resistant bacteria (including MRSA) longterm. In other words, textile stretch ceilings have benefits beyond being eye-catching.

What they’re great for:
Textile ceilings are great for making corporate or commercial spaces stand out. They’re also perfect for creating a cosy, cocoon-like feel to rooms in your home. A textile ceiling would also be a good choice for noisy places that would benefit from being quieter, such as hospitals. However, this choice is not so great for creating more of a sense of light and space in a room.

Hopefully by now you’re an expert on stretch ceiling finishes and are ready to make your choice. But if you’d like more advice from us, please get in touch for a chat.


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