Which Stretch Ceiling?

May 24, 2017 | Designs

There are many benefits to stretch ceilings but two of the most appealing have to be their versatility and originality. These aspects make them a preferred choice for professional designers as they know stretch ceilings can offer a stylish addition to any room with a perfect finish. Whereas other ceiling finishes tend to be quite conservative, with a stretch ceiling your options are pretty much unlimited, the only problem is which one to choose?

Let’s look at some of the options available.

Mirror Ceilings

Produced with high gloss elastic film, our mirror ceilings reflect light into a room making it feel more spacious. White lacquered canvas is most popular but if you want a really dramatic effect, consider a black gloss ceiling. Check-out both options in the slideshow below.

Fabric Ceilings

Stretch Ceiling Design

Fabric stretch ceilings are a relatively new option offered by Easy Ceiling Technologies. The non-pvc fabric canvas is made of polyester with a polyurethane coating. The result is a very thin, super strong fabric, visually indistinguishable from plaster. The matt textured surface gives the impression of a perfectly level ceiling. Because they look so amazing they are a popular choice for luxury interiors. Want to add a little extra glamour? Then choose a fabric canvas with tiny sparkles that glitter in the light. The fabric canvas is also perfect for printing on (see below) and can even be painted on up to 5 times.

But there’s more…

Translucent Ceilings

We can alter the translucency of your canvas to allow more light through all or selected parts of your ceiling.

Stretch Ceiling

Printed Ceilings

Print your favourite image or background onto your ceiling (and wall!).

stretch ceiling options

Shaped Ceilings

Using the correct framework stretch ceilings can be stretched into a variety of shapes; arches, curves, waves. It’s also straightforward to create multi-level ceilings.

fabric ceilings

We can also offer soundproof ceilings, anti-bacterial and dirt repellent ceilings, the latter two being very handy for children’s rooms and indoor playgrounds.

Hopefully it’s now clear that stretch ceilings are an original and truly creative option for your home or commercial premises. Better still, stretch ceilings are simple to install and very durable. They’re even easy to replace. Still don’t know which ceiling to choose? Just get in touch and we’ll help you decide!


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