10 Sustainable Products for the Home you Need to Know

Feb 21, 2023 | Sustainability

Want your home or business to be more sustainable but also look cool at the same time? Here’s ten sustainable products you need to know about, from water saving taps to infrared wallpaper to sustainable kitchens.

1. Eco paints

Ecos have been helping customers create healthier living environments with their premium quality, eco friendly paints for over 35 years.

2. Infrared wallpaper

NexGen is a graphite and graphene based infrared heating solution. In a nutshell, instead of radiators you can use NexGen wallpaper, floors or ceilings to heat your room. It is more sustainable than traditional heating because it heats objects not air which is more constant and wastes less wasteful. It also keeps your walls, floors and ceiling dryer reducing the likelihood of mould or mildew. NexGen is also carbon neutral, has a 15 year warranty and requires no servicing.


3. Water saving taps

Smart taps like Quooker can help you save water as you no longer need to heat more water than you might require in a kettle when you make a hot drink. Add Quooker Cube and you can also have filtered chilled and sparkling water on tap, saving you money as well as the environment as you can stop buying it in plastic, most likely, bottles.

4. Sustainable furniture

Easy Ceiling is a sustainable building materials supplier in Sussex and we always like to support sustainable companies in our locality. Check out Tomas and Jani who make gorgeous surfaces and furniture from waste materials.

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5. Terrazzo flooring

By utilising mixed marble scraps, recycled glass chips and cement, terrazzo is crafted from the waste materials of other projects. The final effect is stunning too. Have a look at Flowcrete’s seamless terrazzo range.

6. Solar roof tiles

Tesla’s solar roofs offer stylish roof tiles that look like any other tiled roof, better actually, and generate electricity for your home at the same time.

7. Carpets made from recycled bottles

Ege use large quantities of plastic waste in their carpets and packaging. Their ReForm collection of carpets are produced from regenerated and regenerable yarn with felt backing which is made entirely with recycled water bottles.

8. Smart windows

View’s smart electrochromic windows use artificial intelligence to automatically adjust lighting levels, increasing access to natural light and views while minimising heat and glare. As a result they reduce the need for air cooling systems and help you save on energy usage.

9. Sustainable kitchens

Sustainable Kitchens do exactly what they say on the tin, beautifully designed, solid wood kitchens that can last a lifetime.

Japandi.Sustainable.Kitchen 1

10. Stretch ceilings

If you have got this far you won’t mind a plug for yours truly will you? Easy Ceiling produces stretch ceilings which are 100% recyclable, energy efficient and produce zero waste during the installation process. They also come in a range of finishes and colours, you can even print your favourite image on them!

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