Fiber Optic Star Ceilings

Nov 13, 2021 | Designs

At Easy Ceiling Technologies we supply and install an eclectic mix of stretch ceiling designs. But our favourite at the moment has to be fiber optic star ceilings. They never fail to achieve that wow factor – creating the dramatic impact of a starry night sky on your bedroom, lounge or spa ceiling. Even better, with fiber optic lights you can create an ever-changing multi-coloured galaxy.

Check out this star ceiling we recently created for one of our clients.

Fiber Optic Star Ceiling for Cinema Room

How do Fiber Optic Star Ceilings Work?

Fiber optic lights are used to create the star effect. They are highly recommended as they are low heat or heat-free, longlasting and use very little power. They can be fitted to the original ceiling, or, if you want to create a specific pattern or constellation, we recommend a false plywood ceiling with the pattern already created. The fibers are powered and controlled by an LED driver which is fixed above the ceiling or another access point. You can use the driver to set different lighting effects, such as ‘sparkling’ or automatic change of colour. Then below the lights we fit the stretch ceiling canvas. Find out more about how stretch ceilings are fitted here.

Below is a basic diagram which shows how a fibre optic star ceiling works.

How to create a Fibre Optic Star Ceiling
  1. Original ceiling. 2. Fixing point of LED light source. 3. Support box. 4. LED light source. 5. Port hole 30mm. 6. Fiber optic. 7. Stretch ceiling. 8. Track system. 9. Wall 10. Access panel for light source maintenance.

Would you like one?

Easy Ceiling Technologies can design, supply and install your fibre optic star ceiling. Get in touch to organise a personalised quote now.

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