Mirror Ceilings the stretch way

Let’s be honest, mirror ceilings have got a bit of a dubious reputation. But as a stretch ceiling manufacturer and supplier, we’re starting to see more and more requests for stretch ceilings with a mirror effect.

Here’s why.


1. They enhance space and light

We’ve recently installed two white super mirror stretch ceilings in the UK and Spain. Both of the spaces had low ceilings and one had a very limited amount of natural light, the only light coming through the glass wall of the outside swimming pool (see below). Because the ceilings reflect the light they make the rooms feel higher, more spacious, and of course lighter.


Mirror Ceiling Spain


2. They look cool

White plastered ceilings have their place (we’re told) but why have just a white ceiling when you can have a white ceiling with a mirror effect. Many of our clients have spent tens of thousand of pounds making their properties look fantastic. In a mirrored ceiling you will get to see the features of the room, ripples of water on an indoor swimming pool or a reflection of breath-taking views.


Mirror Ceiling Spain


Pictured above is a recent mirror ceiling we have installed in Devon. You can find out more about this project in Premier Construction News, see pages 40 – 42.


3. They have the same benefits of a mirror

So we have discussed that mirror ceilings look cool, and that they enhance space and light but they also give you a huge mirror! Of course this is nice if you like to look at yourself but mirrors can also have practical benefits. The client at the property above is a keen back stroke swimmer. He’s delighted that he can use the mirror to spot when he’s coming to the end of the pool – no more sore heads!


If you would like to find out more about installing a mirrored stretch ceiling in your property please get in touch for a free quote.