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Apr 26, 2016 | Designs, Recent projects

If you look at our case studies you’ll see that a nice glossy white stretch ceiling is always a popular finish choice for our clients. But every now and then we talk to a client who is looking for something special, a ceiling that can create a genuine wow factor for their business or home. In years gone by this might have been achieved by hiring an specialist artist to paint your ceiling, but this takes a long time and can be very costly. It took Michelangelo over four years to paint the Sistine chapel. Now we’re not saying you need to hire one of the world’s best artists and it’s unlikely you have over 1000 square metres to cover but even with a smaller space and an ordinary painter it’s going to take a lot of time and money! With Easy Ceiling’s printed ceilings you can create your wow factor ceiling incredibly quickly. Once you have selected your design and we have printed the canvas it can take less than a day to install with minimal disruption! The price is pretty impressive too, our printed ceilings start from only £60 per square metre, quote this blog and will reduce it to £55!

Read on for some examples of printed ceiling options.

Blue sky with clouds

This design always works well for printed ceilings. The mezzanine ceiling below  is a recent job we completed for the business premises of Bea-utiful Design Ltd. As a creative printing company they wanted a ceiling that could inspire both their staff and customers.

Printed Ceilings

Blue sky and cloud prints always look good on the ceilings of swimming pools too.

Stretch Ceiling


Follow the example of Sistine Chapel and create your own ceiling masterpiece. We can help your transpose your favourite artwork onto your ceiling.

stretch ceiling print designs


More and more businesses are realising the importance of branding their showrooms with their logos and brand identity. The image below gives you an example of how we can print your ceiling with a motif or logo.

stretch ceiling print designs

More options

Please check out some more examples of printed ceilings in this slideshow.

Hopefully this blog has inspired you to think about what you would print on your ceiling? Please get in touch to start the design process.

And don’t forget, quote this blog and we’ll lower our base price from £60 to £55 per square metre.

Hopefully speak soon,


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