House & Interior Design Trends 2023

Sep 13, 2022 | Designs

Here is Easy Ceiling’s take on trends in interior and building design to look out for in 2023. For each mentioned we also explore how you can translate the effect to your ceiling.


Arches, circles and rounded shapes are on the rise, and why wouldn’t they? They provide a more interesting frame for views out as well as in.

Curves Interior Design

You might suggest that curves and shapes are particularly challenging to achieve with a ceiling. They are just one dimensional squares or rectangles aren’t they? Not so, because our stretch ceilings are stretched between aluminium rails it is possible to create any kind of effect including arches, multi-level ceilings or even circular light panels which we installed at Gatwick airport (see below).

Circular lighting panels at the Gatwick Express terminal

Statement Walls

Definitely the statement wall is on the comeback and there is no doubt the rapid increase of video calls for home workers has brought this about. Impress your clients or colleagues with a statement wall. Now you will be forgiven for thinking we just do ceilings, ceiling is in our name after all, but the panels we use for our ceilings are equally usable as wall panels and can be backlit to create a number of different dramatic effects. Check out this example from one of our panel suppliers, PONGS.

stretch ceiling design ideas

Nature in the home

Another post-covid phenomenon is our desire to bring more natural elements into the home – also known as biophilic design. Not quite the same, we admit, but another way of bringing more natural elements into the home is possible via the use of photographic prints onto your ceiling or wall. This is easily possible with our printed stretch ceilings.

Eco Ceiling

Colours for 2023

There are lots of different thoughts out there on what colours are going to be popular in 2023. Of those being widely mentioned, lavender gets our vote. We are also on board with those who point to the resurgence of monochrome combinations. But for us, and this ties in nicely with the multi-colour options possible with ceiling perimeter lighting, we’re all for the cyber-punk inspired trend for the neon look, which we deliver using the latest technology available, specifically RGBW LED strip lighting. This is a great choice for home bars, cinema rooms and swimming pools.

Swimming Pool Ceiling with RGBW LED Strip Lighting

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