Leisure Centres & Stretch Ceilings: The Perfect Match

Mar 22, 2022 | Benefits

Stretch ceilings have always been a popular choice for swimming pool ceilings. However, having installed a few recently, it is becoming clear to us that stretch ceilings are especially perfect for the ceilings of large leisure centre swimming pools.

Leisure Centre Swimming Pool Ceilings

Here are eleven very good reasons why:

1. Even for large buildings like leisure centres, stretch ceilings can be installed in a number of days, meaning less disruption to the normal, revenue generating business of running a leisure centre.

2. Because stretch ceilings don’t require the clearing of premises and cause no waste it might even be possible to install your ceiling without having to fully close your facility!

3. Stretch ceilings do not corrode, the canvas is impervious to damp or toxic gases like sulphur and chlorine. The canvas also acts as a barrier so vapours cannot pass through into the void between the stretch ceiling and the original ceiling and corrode metalwork, machinery and systems used to operate the centre.

4. When refurbishing your centre, because most of the metalwork, machinery and systems are hidden by the stretch ceiling, you don’t need to spend time repairing them or making them look nice!

5. Given the ceiling height of leisure centres, 8 to 10 metres on average, you will need comprehensive (and expensive) scaffolding in place to replace or repair your ceiling. Because a stretch ceiling can be installed quicker than other ceiling options you can minimise the amount of days you will need to pay for scaffolding.

6. Stretch ceilings are waterproof so they can provide additional protection against leaks. They are also capable of holding a surprisingly large volume of water if there is leak minimising the change of damage to facilities below the ceiling.

7. Stretch ceilings are environmentally friendly in a number of aspects. They are 100% recyclable. They can also provide more insulation to a room by acting as a seal between the roof and a room but also by reducing the amount of space in a room that needs to be kept warm.

8. Stretch Ceilings offer strong acoustic properties which can help address noise reverberation problems that often occur with large indoor swimming pools.

9. Stretch ceilings offer a huge range of design options to add a genuine wow factor to your ceiling. You can print images on them, make them translucent or create different shapes and levels to your ceiling. Even a more standard glossy stretch ceiling can have a powerful effect by maximising the reflection of light and ripples from your pool. They also work very well with different lighting systems to create some dramatic effects at nighttime.

10. Stretch ceilings are brilliant for large spaces. One canvas can cover an area of 50 square metres. It’s straightforward to cover up to thousands of square metres using joining rails above the ceiling.

11. Stretch ceilings are much more durable and require less maintenance than other ceilings. Easy Ceiling offers a 10 year guarantee on our ceilings but you can expect your ceiling to last much longer. With most other ceiling options you are looking at annual maintenance or replacement in less than 5 years, meaning more regular disruption to your operation. You won’t need to do any of this with stretch ceilings for many years!

So, if you are a leisure centre manager, hopefully you can now see how stretch ceilings can save you time and money. Even better they look great and are far better for the environment than other ceiling options.

Please get in touch if you would like us to quote for your ceiling project. We would be delighted to see how we can help.

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