New Vision Stretch Ceilings

Nov 11, 2022 | Designs, News

We are excited to share news of Easy Ceiling’s new stretch ceiling product, New Vision.

With New Vision you do not have to decide on one specific look for your ceiling, you can have two, actually many more when you consider additional lighting effects.

Take this bathroom example below. You can have a plain white ceiling, plain white with multi-colour perimeter lighting, blue cloudy sky, or even blue cloudy sky with multi-colour perimeter lighting.


How do New Vision Ceilings Work?

There are actually no visible images on the ceiling. The image is applied with special ink to the back of the ceiling. When the backlight is turned on, the image (the cloudy sky in the example above) from the back of the ceiling shines through.

With New Vision ceilings we also recommend you use the latest LED technology. Not only are LEDs energy efficient but they also allow you to spread the light as evenly as possible to illuminate your image from inside the ceiling providing richer and brighter colour.

Interested in finding out more about New Vision ceilings? Contact us now!

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