Repair or Replace your Stretch Ceiling

Jan 28, 2019 | Maintenance

One of the key, but often overlooked, advantages of stretch ceilings is they are very easy to repair or replace.

Unlike, say a plaster ceiling, it is a quick and simple job. All the fittings, light placements should be fine to keep as they are – you just need to take down the existing canvas and put up a new one – and in a completely different design if you fancy a change?

Repair or Replace?

Like other stretch ceiling suppliers we guarantee our ceilings for 10 years. But it is possible over longer lengths of time, especially if the ceiling isn’t properly maintained, that it requires repair. In swimming pools or spas the canvas surface may appear less smooth due to long-term exposure to chlorine. Or perhaps the polymerization of the plastic fabric has weakened over time and part of the ceiling is ripped. As most ceilings are installed in panels it is possible to repair the ceiling by replacing one panel.

Below are pictures of a stretch ceiling panel replacement we carried out in the Riviera Hotel in Dorset. As you can see the ceiling had been ripped and then the area temporarily covered over. We were able to replace the panel in a few hours and it looked good as new.

Although the example above shows it is possible to replace just one stretch ceiling panel we typically advise all the panels are replaced. Why? Well, firstly the new panel might appear different to other panels. Secondly, if one panel needs replacing now it’s possible another might soon so it’s more cost-effective to get Easy Ceiling in to replace the whole ceiling and guarantee another 15 years or so of problem free use! And a completely new fresh design if you fancy a change?

Repairing your Stretch Ceiling after Flooding

A common stretch ceiling repair job is after flooding. Stretch ceilings are both waterproof and very strong so they can hold up to 100 litres of water per square metre. Once the water is removed and the ceiling canvas heated, the stretch ceiling becomes absolutely flat again.

Below is an example of a flooded stretch ceiling repair we successfully completed for one of our clients.

Want to see how it works in action? Check out this video we made below.

If you need a stretched ceiling repaired or replaced we’d be happy to help. We also offer flexible payment options over a six month period so you don’t need to incur the full cost in one payment.
Please contact us now to discuss further.

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