What Cloud Formation For Your Printed Ceiling?

May 25, 2023 | Designs

By far our most popular printed stretch ceiling that we manufacture for clients is a bright blue sky with clouds. We spend so much time gazing at them during the manufacture and installation process that we felt compelled to do a bit of research on cloud formations. What is the cloud formation that most people go for and what other cloud formations are there?

Well the main four cloud formations are: cumulus, cirrus, stratus and nimbus.

Read on to find out more about each.


Translation from Latin: an accumulation, a heap, a pile.

This is our go-to cloud formation for most ceilings. Multiple bright white fluffy cotton-wool clouds on a clear blue sky.

Cumulus clouds

Herxheim bei Landau, Deutschland – Image by Michael Schreiber – Unsplash

Here is the team from Easy Ceiling making cumulus printed stretch ceiling panels in our factory.

Printed stretch ceiling in the Easy Ceiling Factory


Translation from Latin: a tuft of hair

The cumulus cloud formation is by far the most popular. In fact we don’t think we have done any of the other cloud formations. But if you do want to buck the trend Cirrus might be worth a look.Wispier and less dominant than cumulus but they still make us dream of a slow relaxing day in the sunshine.

simon.fitall.7QUe QeGOqY.unsplash

Lake Garda, Italy – Image by Simon Fitall – Unsplash


Translation from Latin: to spread out

You get less blue sky with this option, a spread out layer of multiple clouds, less blue to be seen, but still very pretty.

koes.nadi .iOm3cItGqEg.unsplash

Sembalun Lawang, Indonesia – Image by Koes Nadi – Unsplash


Translation from Latin: rainy cloud

Again we are yet to install a printed ceiling with a rain cloud filled sky but if you are after a melancholy moody feel for your room then nimbus might be for you?

nathan.anderson.FAA bYB7VTg.unsplash

Grand Lake, US – Image by Nathan Anderson – Unsplash

While we are talking about clouds and skies we cannot not mention our second most popular ceiling we install which is also a sky but with no clouds to be seen as it is a night sky effect, typically created with twinkling multi-colour fibre optic lights. This swimming pool ceiling is actually a cloudy blue sky by day and a twinkling starry sky at night!


Well we feel we have learnt something by writing this blog. Hopefully you have by reading. Want to be the first to go for a different cloud formation for your ceiling than cumulus? Please get in touch and we will sort it for you!

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