Easy Ceiling joins SPATA

Nov 29, 2021 | Benefits, News

Given the amount of swimming pool ceilings we have been installing over the last few years we thought it was time to take the plunge (get it?!) and join SPATA.

SPATA swiming pooltrades association

SPATA stands for the Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association. Allied Trades is where we come in, over the last few years we have started to work with some of the major indoor swimming pool installers and hope, through SPATA, to become allies with many more. If you are one such company please get in touch for a chat!

By joining SPATA you can be confident that Easy Ceiling works to the standards and code of ethics set by SPATA and is accountable to the trade association for its actions.

In addition, Easy Ceiling:

  • Has significant experience of installing swimming pool ceilings
  • Offers a high quality product and service

Why stretch ceilings for swimming pools?

Easy Ceiling Joins SPATA

If you didn’t already know why, here’s a recap on why stretch ceilings are perfect for swimming pools. They are incredibly strong, waterproof and bacteria resistant. Ideal for the humid, and moisture heavy environment of an indoor swimming pool. There are also a wide variety of design options. You can print your favourite design on your ceiling, blue sky and clouds is a popular choice, or use multi-colour fiber optic lighting to create a sparkling night sky effect. Find out more here or please get in touch for a quote.


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