How to Choose your Stretch Ceiling Design

Apr 29, 2024 | Designs

One of the joys of stretch ceilings is they come with almost unlimited design options. The flipside of this is if you don’t really know what you want the different choices can be baffling. So here are some helpful questions you can ask yourself in order to find the best design for your space.

Do you want your ceiling to fade into the background or create an impact?

If you want your ceiling to be unobtrusive we would recommend one of our standard white matt or satin stretch ceilings. As you might expect if you go for a simple option the cost is very favourable too.

Stretch Ceiling

On the other side if you want to create a wow factor with your ceiling, we have a variety of colours available, from black to red to sky blue. As stretch ceilings come in panels you don’t have to just have one colour or finish, you can combine them for different parts of your ceiling like the swimming pool installation below.

Black and White Stretch Ceiling Harrogate Yorkshire

You don’t have to have uniform colours either. Stretch ceilings are a plastic canvas so you can print on them whatever design you want. Anything from company logos, to abstract art or, often a popular choice, bright blue sky with fluffy white clouds.

But what if you like the sounds of both printed and simple one colour ceilings and can’t decide between the two. Well we have an option for that as well!


With our New Vision ceilings you can choose from different ceiling modes at the touch of the button. In the example above you can switch from plain white to printed (in the example a cloudy blue sky) at the touch of a button! You can even add perimeter lighting to your ceiling if you want. Which brings us onto our next question.

Do you want standard lighting or the ability to create different moods?

Ceiling Insulation

If white is the most popular stretch ceiling colour then spotlights are the equivalent choice for lighting. See this page to understand how spotlights can be installed with a stretch ceiling. Pendants and chandeliers can be installed in the same fashion.

For a more dramatic effect why not consider backlights. This is achieved by installing LED strips or panels behind a translucent stretch ceiling to create a soft, ambient glow. In this example below the translucent stretch ceiling has a tree top print.

IMG 20240423 WA0010

You can also use translucent stretch ceilings with fibre optic lighting to create a colour changeable starry night sky effect.

Fibre optic night sky star ceiling in Nunthorpe Middlesbrough

Do you want your ceiling to be one level or multi-level?

Why just have your ceiling at one level. Because stretch ceilings are installed below the original ceiling you can use timber frameworks to create multiple levels like the coffered ceiling in this swimming pool install below. You’ll see we also added perimeter lighting to accentuate the different levels.

stretch ceiling - easy ceiling

Via the same method you can also create curves and waves to your ceiling to add a sense of movement and flow.

Shaped Stretch Ceiling

Do you want your ceiling to match or contrast with the rest of the room?

We offer almost any colour so you can ensure the stretch ceiling complements the colour scheme of the room. In terms of finish matt tends to work with more traditional décor whereas satin and supermirror have a more modern, sleek feel.

Is noise likely to be a problem?

For large echoey spaces or rooms which you know are going to be used in a way that might create excessive noise you might want to choose an acoustic stretch ceiling. They work through invisible micro-perforations in the stretch ceiling canvas. Further noise level reduction can also be achieved by adding sound insulation between the stretch ceiling and the original ceiling. Which leads us to another question.

Do you want additional insulation for your room?

As an impermeable elastic canvas stretch ceilings are pretty good at minimising heat loss but add some additional insulation above them and you can save even more energy!

Is the space dark or light?

For small or dark spaces we recommend a supermirror finish to your ceiling to reflect as much light as possible into the room. Like this swimming pool ceiling we installed for a client in Devon. He can even see his reflection whilst doing the backstroke so he knows when to turn!

Swimming.Pool .Ceiling..Easy .Ceiling

Hopefully you now have a good idea of the stretch ceiling design you want. To bring your design to life we recommend you work with our expert team. We are happy to help with design, planning, and installation to ensure a flawless finish to your project. Please get in touch now and let’s make it happen!

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