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Mar 30, 2017 | Designs, Maintenance, News

Easy Ceiling Technologies is fairly unique in that we are one of the only UK stretch ceiling suppliers to have our own factory, in Hailsham, East Sussex. This means we can control the whole process for you; from manufacture through to supply, install and aftercare.

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Having our own factory gives us numerous advantages.


As we are the manufacturer, supplier and installer we have complete control over your stretch ceiling installation. That means we can do it quicker than anyone else.


Having total control over the process ensures we can maintain our high quality standards.

Low prices

It’s only us in our supply chain, there aren’t multiple companies who need their cut. As a result we can guarantee the lowest stretch ceiling prices on the market without compromising the high quality of our product.


As we provide a full stretch ceiling service we have a full understanding of the product. This gives us much more expertise in helping you select the right ceiling for your property. The factory also gives us opportunity to ensure our team of installers receive expert training.


As a manufacturer we are constantly looking for new ways to innovate, be it new colours, textiles or dimensions. Recently we were the first company to introduce 5 metre wide printed stretch ceiling canvases to the UK. We love working with architects and designers to explore new ways stretch ceilings can be utilised. Our factory gives us the freedom to try out new options and experiment, like see if our ceilings can take our weight!

Design options

As we are producing your ceiling we can give you more options in terms of style, fabric, measurements and colours.

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Though we will happily take care of every step of the process for you for you we can also offer you flexibility. Here are four examples of different ways we can work with you.

1. Manufacture, Supply and Install

Once we have decided the ceiling fabric and design you need we will manufacture it, then supply and install at your location. This is advisable for property owners or business who are looking for a one time installation.

2. Manufacture & Supply

This is advisable for trained installers. We can just produce and supply stretch ceiling canvases and components required for you to do the install yourself. If you don’t have trained installers in your team but want to become a regular installer of stretch ceilings we suggest option 3.

3. Installation training

Our team of expert installers will train your team. A smart way to do this is hands-on with your first stretch ceiling install, we can guide you through the process. We’re always on hand if you get stuck or need help with future projects.

4. Set up your own factory!

So you are regular installer of stretch ceilings and you want to grow your business further? To maximise efficiency, especially if you are operating in a new country, we suggest you set up your own local production of the product, establishing contracts with local suppliers of components (profiles, protecting rings, platforms, etc). We can help you with the start-up of this business, as we have recently done in Algeria.

If you would like to learn more about Easy Ceiling Technologies please get in touch, or why not come and visit our factory?

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