Could a Stretch Ceiling Benefit Your Business?

Oct 30, 2017 | Designs

Beauty Salon ceiling

It’s true that stretch ceilings can totally transform the look and feel of your business space. But can they also attract more customers and boost sales? We believe they can. That’s because stretch ceilings have added benefits that draw customers, guests and clients back time and time again.

Here are five ways that a stretch ceiling could boost your business, whether it’s a shop, restaurant, hotel, salon, spa or other enterprise:

stretch ceiling designs

1. They’re attention grabbing ­
If you want to make your business stand out and draw people in, then a shaped or printed ceiling could be the way to go. For instance, if you own a spa, then a tranquil ceiling prints of clouds, flowers or birds could really enhance your clients’ experience. Likewise, arty prints on boutique hotel room ceilings could be a unique selling point for potential guests. And creatively shaped ceilings with arches, curves, waves or tiers are a wonderful way to make your shop space stand out.

2. They can keep spaces warmer
No one wants to dine in a chilly restaurant or cafe, have their hair styled in a frigid salon or browse for too long in a freezing cold shop. Yet at the same time, you have to balance the fact that heating costs can be a big expense when running a business. A stretch ceiling can solve this problem by providing extra insulation for your premises. Basically, with stretch ceilings, air reflects from above before travelling back down to the room, making your space warmer and more welcoming for customers. Plus you’ll save money on heating bills too.

uk stretch ceilings

3. They can maximise light
If you’re worried that your business premises are a tad on the dark or dim side, then a gloss, mirror or even translucent ceiling could make your space feel brighter. And let’s face it, customers are much more likely to linger in a space filled with positive, energising light than somewhere gloomy and depressing. This is especially true for businesses such as fitness studios, cafes and shops.

4. They can enhance peace and quiet
If you’re running a hotel, spa, restaurant or any other business where people might enjoy a bit of tranquillity, then noise interference (from neighbouring businesses, traffic or pedestrians) can be a major issue. Thankfully, you can get stretch ceilings with added soundproofing, helping your space to remain a calm oasis. Soundproofed stretch ceilings can also be hugely beneficial to gig and performance venues.

Athens Greek restaurant ceiling

5. They’ll help keep your space fresh

Stale food odours can be a real problem for cafes, bars, hotels and restaurants. Likewise, hair and beauty salons can face the challenge of unpleasant chemical smells, and all businesses have to combat the lingering whiff of cleaning products. This is where a stretch ceiling comes in as, unlike a plaster ceiling, the fabric will absorb and minimise odours from food and other substances. This will help keep your premises smelling fresh every day, creating a better ambience for your customers.

By now, you probably have a better idea of how a stretch ceiling could transform the look and feel of your business space, from enhancing available light to creating a distinct visual identity for your brand. If you’d liked advice from us on how to pick the right ceiling for your commercial premises, then get in touch for a chat.

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