What Businesses Use Stretch Ceilings?

Jun 26, 2023 | Benefits, Designs

Stretch ceilings are highly versatile suspended PVC ceilings that are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. As stretch ceiling evangelists, we would argue that they can be used in any residential or commercial setting, but for certain businesses, they are an obvious choice. In this blog we share some examples of businesses where the use of stretch ceilings is particularly suitable. 

Leisure Centres

Stretch ceilings are so perfect for leisure centres we have even written a dedicated blog on it. They can be installed in a number of days, limiting the time the centre needs to be closed, they do not corrode and are waterproof. Using panels they can easily be employed to cover a large space, hiding the often unsightly ceiling above. They also have almost unlimited design options so they can look pretty cool!

Leisure Centre Swimming Pool Ceilings

Schools & Universities

Schools and universities are similar to leisure centres in that they have large spaces to cover and they want to minimise the time that they have to close for refurbishment. So the same benefits of stretch ceilings apply. Educational establishments also like the fact that stretch ceilings are long lasting and easy to maintain. Stretch ceilings are also a more sustainable choice versus other traditional ceiling options, which is often a priority for schools and universities. 


The same benefits for leisure and education centres apply for surgeries but most important for medical and dental surgeries is the ability to maintain a clean and sterile environment. Made from highly durable PVC, stretch ceilings are very easy to clean and they do not corrode or suffer from condensation or damp. Surgeries often go for our ‘polar white’ colour option to maximise light, in addition to matt we also offer a supermirror option which reflects even more light into the room. Light panels, where the ceiling is additionally lit from above, are also popular. Surgeries looking for an even more dynamic and modern look can opt for perimeter strip lighting in a variety of colours.     

Dental clinic ceiling

Swimming Pools

Reduce heating costs of your indoor swimming pool

Stretch ceilings are most commonly associated with swimming pools for good reason. They really are the perfect ceiling choice for swimming pools. They are incredibly strong, waterproof and bacteria resistant. Ideal for the humid, and moisture heavy environment of an indoor swimming pool.

Restaurants, Bars & Nightclubs

We always enjoy working with restaurants, bars and nightclubs as they often want to do something funky. 

Unlike other ceiling options stretch ceilings don’t absorb odours so they can help you keep your venue smelling as fresh as possible. We can also use our stretch ceiling canvases to help you install dramatic light panels in your restaurant.

Super Slim Stretch Ceiling Panels

Read more about why stretch ceilings are a good partner for bars, restaurants and nightclubs.   

Airports & Train Stations

In addition to ceilings we also supply and install large light panels for train stations and airports like this example at the Gatwick Express Terminal at Gatwick Airport. 

Circular lighting panels at the Gatwick Express terminal

Showrooms & Shops

We also regularly install light panels and stretch ceilings for retail clients, for both showrooms and shops. This shop in London wanted to create more light in their changing area so we designed and installed a light panel for them. 

Fitting room lighting panel

For large showrooms, stretch ceilings are a godsend, as they can quickly and easily be used to hide unsightly original ceilings giving a clean professional look, like this showroom ceiling for Zehnder

White satin stretch ceiling

With our printed ceilings, shops also have the option to get creative and add a wow factor to their showroom, like this ceiling we designed and installed for Weyron Massage chairs. 

Descor translucent ceiling with UV print and LED backlighting.

We hope this blog has given you a good understanding of how stretch ceilings are suitable for certain types of business. Of course there might be other businesses related to our examples which we haven’t mentioned but hopefully it is easy to draw further conclusions on how the benefits of stretch ceilings could work for you and business. If you would like to discuss further how we can help please get in touch, we would love to hear from you. 

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