Keep Energy Bills Down with Stretch Ceilings

Jan 21, 2022 | Benefits, News

As we are sure you are aware, energy bills have been rising rapidly over the last few years and will continue to do so. In fact the BBC has recently reported industry predictions of gas prices going up by as much as 50% this year.

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If you are concerned about these increases we recommend you visit the energy saving trust website, it has lots of useful tips on how you can save energy. Regardless of the cost savings you will also be doing your bit for the environment, a win win!

Although stretch ceilings are quickly becoming popular in the UK and Ireland they are still considered relatively niche by the media and so you might not find them mentioned by the energy saving trust website. But they should, as stretch ceilings offer a number of advantages when it comes to conserving energy and keeping your heating bills down. 

Here’s the four direct ways they can help. 

1. Less room to heat – as stretch ceilings are installed below your original ceiling.

2. Less porous material – stretch ceilings are made of recyclable PVC canvas which is less porous than other ceiling materials. Which means less heat escapes right from the start. 

3. Double glazing for your ceiling – like double glazing, stretch ceilings create an additional air layer between the room and the ceiling – meaning it’s harder for heat to escape.

4. You can add additional insulation into the space between your stretch ceiling and your original ceiling – retaining even more heat. 

But there are wider energy saving benefits to be had from stretch ceilings too.

1. They use less energy and materials to install – stretch ceilings only weigh 0.2kg per square metre whereas plaster for ceilings can weigh as much as 30kg per square metre, that’s over 10 times as much! You can imagine the knock-on effects on energy required to transport, move and install heavier materials like plaster. Unlike other ceiling types, stretch ceilings create zero waste upon installation. 

2. They are incredibly strong and long lasting – Easy Ceiling offers a 10 year guarantee on our stretch ceilings and they typically last a lot longer. They are also waterproof, non-flammable and non-toxic. 

3. 100% recyclable – when the time does come to replace your stretch ceiling it should give you comfort to know that it is 100% recyclable, and very quick and easy to remove and replace as well. The aluminium track to keep the ceiling in place can stay where it is and you just replace the canvas. 

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