Stretch Ceiling Lighting Options

Apr 3, 2024 | Benefits, Designs

We have been in the stretch ceiling business for almost ten years. In that time we have observed one of the most dynamic features of stretch ceilings is the variety of all the different lighting options available. We thought it would be useful to summarise the different options so you can make the best decision for your stretch ceiling light installation.

We will look at the following options:

  • Perimeter lighting
  • Lighting coffered or recessed ceilings
  • Strip lighting
  • Spot lighting
  • New vision
  • Light panels
  • Fibre optic ‘star’ lighting

Perimeter lighting

As the name suggests perimeter lighting is achieved by fitting lighting sources at regular intervals around the edge of a ceiling. We recommend using LED lights to create perimeter lighting and most often our clients request multi-colour changeable LED lights so they can change the colour manually or automatically.

Swimming Pool Ceiling with RGBW LED Strip Lighting 1

Lighting coffered or recessed ceilings

Perimeter lighting can also be fitter around coffered or recessed ceilings. In this swimming pool ceiling we fitted lighting both around the outer perimeter where the ceiling edge joins the walls of the room and also around the coffered ceiling edge above the swimming pool.

stretch ceiling - easy ceiling

Strip lighting

You don’t have to light the full perimeter of your room, you can just light one ‘strip’ if you so choose. Both perimeter and strip lighting are achieved by using lighting tracks. We have two differentiating lighting tracks (see picture below) we commonly use, an universal LED ceiling track and a double LED track.

Universal LED Ceiling Track

Universal LED Light Stretch Ceiling Track

This track has a single path for lights with a width of 20 mm and a light diffusing insert fitted below. This track can be fitted either to walls or to the base ceiling. Below is an example of an universal LED ceiling track.

Universal LED Stretch Ceiling Lighting Track

Double LED Ceiling Track

LED Light Stretch Ceiling Double Track

With this option the lighting is inserted where the stretch ceiling canvas joins together, for example in the pitch of a ceiling or at the edges of multi-level ceilings. Lights with a width of 20 mm are fitted above and then diffused via an insert below. Below is an example of a double LED ceiling track.

Double LED Light Stretch Ceiling Track

Spot lighting

Our clients often opt for spot lighting in addition to perimeter lighting for their ceiling, as in this conservatory ceiling installation below. As with perimeter lighting we recommend LEDs which can be automatically or manually multi-colour changeable too!

Ceiling Insulation

New Vision

With New Vision ceilings you can employ multiple lighting effects to suit your mood. In this bathroom example below you can have a plain white ceiling, a plain white ceiling with perimeter lighting, or a cloudy blue sky (or any other printed image you want). You can also have a cloudy blue sky with perimeter lighting if you so wish. Magic isn’t it? It works by printing your image on the back of the ceiling with special ink. When the backlight (we recommend using LEDs) behind this image is turned on the image shines through.


Light panels

Light panels are the perfect solution when there is limited natural light available in a room, like for this dressing room in London which we installed (picture below). White or off-white panels are a good simple option but you can also get super creative with a printed stretch ceiling option, turning your ceiling into a cloudy blue sky.

Fitting room lighting panel

It is also possible to fit multiple light panels below your existing ceiling as we did for the train concourse at Gatwick Airport.

ceiling designs

Recent innovations in light panel technology has enabled them to be even slimmer than before. Our super slim stretch ceiling light panels only require a lighting space of 200mm. These can be used for your ceiling or hung as independent lighting units like the example below.

Super Slim Stretch Ceiling Panels

Fiber optic star lighting

Fiber optic star ceilings are a popular choice if you want to create a wow factor for your cinema room or swimming pool. We use fiber optic lights to create the star effect. They can be fitted above your stretch ceiling to your original ceiling, or, if you want to create a specific pattern or constellation, we recommend a false plywood ceiling with the pattern already created. The fibers are powered and controlled by an LED driver which is fixed above the ceiling or another access point. You can use the driver to set different lighting effects, such as ‘sparkling’ or automatic change of colour.


We hope this gives you a good overview of the different lighting options for your stretch ceiling. If you would like to discuss your individual project further please get in touch.


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