Which Stretch Ceiling Finish – Gloss, Satin, Matt or Textile?

Stretch ceiling in contemporary office space

You’ve decided to get a stretch ceiling because you know it’s going to totally transform your space, whether that’s your home, office or commercial premises. You’ve also decided that you’re going for a standard stretch ceiling style (rather than translucent, shaped, printed or mirrored).

So far, so good. But now you’ve reached a crucial decision ­— which finish should you choose? Gloss? Satin? Matt? Even fabric? And what’s the difference when it comes to stretch ceilings, anyway? If you’re feeling torn by indecision, don’t worry, we’re here to help you. In essence, choosing your stretch ceiling finish is just about deciding what effect you want to create.

Here’s our guide to deciding which stretch ceiling finish is right for your space…

Gloss stretch ceilings

Gloss ceiling over swimming pool

Do you want your space to stand out? Then a gloss (lacquer) finish is a great choice, as this option tends to play a starring role in rooms. On top of having the ‘wow factor’, the light reflecting qualities of gloss finishes can make smaller rooms feel bigger and brighter.

What they’re great for: Gloss stretch ceilings are ideal for swimming pools, bars, restaurants, salons and showrooms, or any space where you want to make an impact. A gloss finish can also transform rooms in your home, especially those lacking light. However, if you’re aiming for a more low-key effect then a gloss stretch ceiling may not be the right choice. They’re also not great for rooms that get lots of sunlight, as they can create glare.

Satin stretched ceilings

Satin stretched ceiling over swimming pool


If you want a finish that’s subtler than gloss but which still has a lovely shimmer, then choose a satin stretched ceiling. Satin finishes have a pearly, light reflecting sheen, so they’re the ideal happy medium between gloss and matt ceilings.

What they’re great for: Satin stretched ceilings can make rooms feel a little bit bigger and brighter, without the high-impact factor of gloss. They’re ideal for home interiors and have a softening effect on paint colours. If you want to gently reflect sunlight in a room without magnifying it too much, then a satin finish works really well for this. For this reason, it’s also ideal for a conservatory. Satin stretched ceilings strike a nice balance between classic and contemporary decor styles, so if you like combining antiques with cutting-edge chic, this finish will complement both.

 Matt stretched ceilings

White matt stretched ceiling


Matt stretch ceilings create a classic, velvety finish. That’s because matt has the effect of a smoothly painted surface and doesn’t reflect light. If you want your stretch ceiling to look like a traditional plaster ceiling, then this is the choice for you.

What they’re great for: Matt stretched ceilings create a timeless feel in spaces. They’re are all about subtlety so are perfect for more sober or conservative businesses, such as law firms. They’re also great for complementing retro or vintage decor in your home. Matt finishes can also make large rooms feel cosier, particularly if the ceiling colour is a warmer shade. However, they’re not always ideal for smaller, darker spaces that lack natural light.

Fabric (Textile) stretched ceilings

Blue fabric stretched ceiling over office meeting room

For a look that’s a little bit different, textile stretch ceilings can create a very distinctive effect. As well as being striking, fabric stretch ceilings can help to minimise noise as you can add accompanying sound-absorbing acoustic panels. High-end textile for stretch walls and ceilings can also include integrated hygiene technology that will combat multi-resistant bacteria (including MRSA) longterm. In other words, textile stretch ceilings have benefits beyond being eye-catching.

What they’re great for:
Textile ceilings are great for making corporate or commercial spaces stand out. They’re also perfect for creating a cosy, cocoon-like feel to rooms in your home. A textile ceiling would also be a good choice for noisy places that would benefit from being quieter, such as hospitals. However, this choice is not so great for creating more of a sense of light and space in a room.

Hopefully by now you’re an expert on stretch ceiling finishes and are ready to make your choice. But if you’d like more advice from us, please get in touch for a chat.


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Can a Stretch Ceiling Make You Happier?

The right ceiling can have a big impact on the look, feel and atmosphere of a space. Stretch ceilings in particular have many amazing mood-enhancing benefits that can make your day (and your life) that little bit better. Here’s how a stretch ceiling could make you happier….

You can let your imagination run wild…

Print logos and motifs on your ceiling

Who says that ceilings have to be beige? It’s true that plaster ceilings have their limits when it comes to getting creative, but stretch ceilings don’t. With an art print ceiling, you can choose almost any design you like, from a family photo to a famous work of art. Art’s not just for walls, so what would you like to see when you look up? Your favourite Van Gogh? Rainbow butterflies? Brad Pitt’s face? It’s up to you. Whatever makes you happy.

You can flood your space with light…

Stretch Ceilings translucent

Gloss, mirror and translucent ceilings are all great for making a room feel lighter, brighter and airier. Gloss ceilings have a lovely sheen, mirror ceilings reflect light and also make spaces look bigger, and translucent ceilings allow light to stream into a room. Adding more light to your space can make a big difference to your mood in winter and can also help you to make the most out of the sunnier seasons too.

You can live out your fantasies…

Printed Ceilings and Walls

Who needs reality all the time? Not us. A stretch ceiling can spirit you away to a totally different environment. This could be anything from an interstellar spaceship to the Sistine chapel to a tropical ocean paradise. Dream big.

You can keep your room warm and cosy

Stretch Ceilings living room with white sofa

Stretch ceilings provide extra insulation, meaning heated air reflects from the ceiling and then returns down to your room. This means that you can keep your space warmer for longer, creating a cosier feel. Of course, you’ll save money on heating bills too, leaving you with that little bit of extra money to treat yourself with.

You can breathe in deeply and smile…

Young woman smelling bouquet flowers - Photo by Danielle Marroquin on Unsplash


Unlike plaster ceilings, stretch ceilings don’t absorb odours from food and cigarette smoke etc. This means that they’re great for keeping your space fresh and sweet smelling every day, which is perfect for both homes and restaurants.

You can enjoy more peace and quiet…

Serene swimming pool with stretch ceilings

Whether it’s your living room, study or even your swimming pool, sometimes you just need a place to unwind without being irritated by noises from elsewhere. Thankfully, you can get stretch ceilings with added soundproofing, helping your space to stay serene.

You can avoid “nasties” like damp, mould and drips…

Drops of water on surface - Photo by Nithya Ramanujam on Unsplash


Damp and mould have got to be two of the biggest mood killers in any space and they’re not great for your health either. Thankfully, stretch ceilings are amazingly waterproof, with just one square metre of material holding up to 100 litres of water. Stretch ceilings can also protect your room from drips and flooding from the floor above.

You can enjoy summer all year around…

stretch ceilings prints design clouds in blue sky art print

For instance, by covering your ceiling with a peaceful blue sky. Bliss.

You can enjoy music so much more…

Record playing on turntable - Photo by Lee Campbell on Unsplash


Stretch ceilings also have great acoustics (so now you know). This means that you can enjoy music more than ever. What’s more, if you’re really serious about sound, you can even get your ceiling fine-tuned to the specific acoustic needs of your space (perfect if you run a gig venue, for instance).

You can throw better parties…

Forget champagne and nibbles, let’s all agree that nothing gets a party going like a ceiling with tiny sparkles, or a glossy back mirror effect, or even a magical canopy of stars. Your guests will be thoroughly wowed (the only challenge will be in getting them to leave).

Want to brighten up your life with a stretch ceiling? Get in touch for a chat.


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Which Stretch Ceiling?

There are many benefits to stretch ceilings but two of the most appealing have to be their versatility and originality. These aspects make them a preferred choice for professional designers as they know stretch ceilings can offer a stylish addition to any room with a perfect finish. Whereas other ceiling finishes tend to be quite conservative, with a stretch ceiling your options are pretty much unlimited, the only problem is which one to choose?

Let’s look at some of the options available.


Mirror Ceilings

Produced with high gloss elastic film, our mirror ceilings reflect light into a room making it feel more spacious. White lacquered canvas is most popular but if you want a really dramatic effect, consider a black gloss ceiling. Check-out both options in the slideshow below.



Fabric Ceilings


Fabric Stretch Ceiling


Fabric stretch ceilings are a relatively new option offered by Easy Ceiling Technologies. The non-pvc fabric canvas is made of polyester with a polyurethane coating. The result is a very thin, super strong fabric, visually indistinguishable from plaster. The matt textured surface gives the impression of a perfectly level ceiling. Because they look so amazing they are a popular choice for luxury interiors. Want to add a little extra glamour? Then choose a fabric canvas with tiny sparkles that glitter in the light. The fabric canvas is also perfect for printing on (see below) and can even be painted on up to 5 times.


But there’s more…


Translucent Ceilings

We can alter the translucency of your canvas to allow more light through all or selected parts of your ceiling.


Stretch Ceilings


Printed Ceilings

Print your favourite image or background onto your ceiling (and wall!).


Printed Ceilings and Walls


Shaped Ceilings

Using the correct framework stretch ceilings can be stretched into a variety of shapes; arches, curves, waves. It’s also straightforward to create multi-level ceilings.


Stretch Ceiling


We can also offer soundproof ceilings, anti-bacterial and dirt repellent ceilings, the latter two being very handy for children’s rooms and indoor playgrounds.


Childrens Bedroom Ceilings


Hopefully it’s now clear that stretch ceilings are an original and truly creative option for your home or commercial premises. Better still, stretch ceilings are simple to install and very durable. They’re even easy to replace. Still don’t know which ceiling to choose? Just get in touch and we’ll help you decide!


Mirror Ceilings the stretch way

Let’s be honest, mirror ceilings have got a bit of a dubious reputation. But as a stretch ceiling manufacturer and supplier, we’re starting to see more and more requests for stretch ceilings with a mirror effect.

Here’s why.


1. They enhance space and light

We’ve recently installed two white super mirror stretch ceilings in the UK and Spain. Both of the spaces had low ceilings and one had a very limited amount of natural light, the only light coming through the glass wall of the outside swimming pool (see below). Because the ceilings reflect the light they make the rooms feel higher, more spacious, and of course lighter.


Mirror Ceiling Spain


2. They look cool

White plastered ceilings have their place (we’re told) but why have just a white ceiling when you can have a white ceiling with a mirror effect. Many of our clients have spent tens of thousand of pounds making their properties look fantastic. In a mirrored ceiling you will get to see the features of the room, ripples of water on an indoor swimming pool or a reflection of breath-taking views.


Mirror Ceiling Spain


Pictured above is a recent mirror ceiling we have installed in Devon. You can find out more about this project in Premier Construction News, see pages 40 – 42.


3. They have the same benefits of a mirror

So we have discussed that mirror ceilings look cool, and that they enhance space and light but they also give you a huge mirror! Of course this is nice if you like to look at yourself but mirrors can also have practical benefits. The client at the property above is a keen back stroke swimmer. He’s delighted that he can use the mirror to spot when he’s coming to the end of the pool – no more sore heads!


If you would like to find out more about installing a mirrored stretch ceiling in your property please get in touch for a free quote.


Introducing the Easy Ceiling Factory

Easy Ceiling Technologies is fairly unique in that we are one of the only UK stretch ceiling suppliers to have our own factory, in Hailsham, East Sussex. This means we can control the whole process for you; from manufacture through to supply, install and aftercare.



Having our own factory gives us numerous advantages.



As we are the manufacturer, supplier and installer we have complete control over your stretch ceiling installation. That means we can do it quicker than anyone else.


Having total control over the process ensures we can maintain our high quality standards.

Low prices

It’s only us in our supply chain, there aren’t multiple companies who need their cut. As a result we can guarantee the lowest stretch ceiling prices on the market without compromising the high quality of our product.


As we provide a full stretch ceiling service we have a full understanding of the product. This gives us much more expertise in helping you select the right ceiling for your property. The factory also gives us opportunity to ensure our team of installers receive expert training.


As a manufacturer we are constantly looking for new ways to innovate, be it new colours, textiles or dimensions. Recently we were the first company to introduce 5 metre wide printed stretch ceiling canvases to the UK. We love working with architects and designers to explore new ways stretch ceilings can be utilised. Our factory gives us the freedom to try out new options and experiment, like see if our ceilings can take our weight!



Design options

As we are producing your ceiling we can give you more options in terms of style, fabric, measurements and colours.


Stretch Ceiling Colours


Though we will happily take care of every step of the process for you for you we can also offer you flexibility. Here are four examples of different ways we can work with you.


1. Manufacture, Supply and Install

Once we have decided the ceiling fabric and design you need we will manufacture it, then supply and install at your location. This is advisable for property owners or business who are looking for a one time installation.

2. Manufacture & Supply

This is advisable for trained installers. We can just produce and supply stretch ceiling canvases and components required for you to do the install yourself. If you don’t have trained installers in your team but want to become a regular installer of stretch ceilings we suggest option 3.

3. Installation training

Our team of expert installers will train your team. A smart way to do this is hands-on with your first stretch ceiling install, we can guide you through the process. We’re always on hand if you get stuck or need help with future projects.



4. Set up your own factory!

So you are regular installer of stretch ceilings and you want to grow your business further? To maximise efficiency, especially if you are operating in a new country, we suggest you set up your own local production of the product, establishing contracts with local suppliers of components (profiles, protecting rings, platforms, etc). We can help you with the start-up of this business, as we have recently done in Algeria.


If you would like to learn more about Easy Ceiling Technologies please get in touch, or why not come and visit our factory?

New case studies – Gatwick Express, Spain and Devon

I’m very proud to tell you about three new projects we have recently completed; lighting panels for the new Gatwick Express lounge, a basement gym and spa in Spain and a luxury leisure suite in Devon.

Gatwick Express Lighting Panels

As regular users of Gatwick Airport ourselves we were very honoured to be asked by Gatwick Express contractors MGMC Ltd to provide circular stretch ceilings canvases for the lighting panels above their new lounge area for customers at Gatwick Airport.

Read more about this project.


Spa and Gym Ceiling Spain

Moving on from Gatwick Airport, let’s fly over to Spain, to the exclusive PGA Catalunya resort. We installed a stretch ceiling in the basement gym and spa of an award-winning architect designed, high spec, high tech villa. As you can see from the picture above, the only natural light comes through the glass wall of the outdoor swimming pool. We used a super mirrored stretch ceiling to reflect the light into the area but also to make the basement feel higher and more spacious.

Read more about this project.


Leisure Suite Ceiling Devon

Back to the UK, to Devon in particular. This project was a joy for our installation team as the sea views from the house are spectacular. We provided the ceiling for the leisure suite, complete with indoor pool, sauna, seating area, bar and pool table. As with the Spanish project we used a super mirrored white ceiling to reflect more light into the space. The owner, a keen backstroke swimmer, was delighted he could use the ceiing to note when he had to turn!

Read more about this project.


I hope you found these projects interesting? Read more case studies here. Got a project in mind? Then please get in touch.


11 things you probably didn’t know about stretch ceilings

Though the concept of stretch ceilings dates back to Ancient Egypt times the majority of people have still never heard of them. So if you are relatively new to the idea, you might be interested to hear about some of unique properties of stretch ceilings.


1. You can stand on them!

It’s true. And we’ve got proof. In this short video one of our installers puts his whole weight on a demo stretch ceiling in our factory in East Sussex.


2. Easy to clean

It’s no coincidence our name is Easy Ceiling Technologies. Because they are made of PVC elastic, stretch ceilings are incredibly easy to keep clean. Simply wipe with water or window cleaner.


3. They don’t absorb odours

Stretch ceilings are a great choice for restaurants and kitchens. There are unlimited design options so you can get that real wow factor. They don’t absorb odours either keeping your restaurant or home smelling nice and fresh.


A back lit stretch ceiling in a restaurant


4. They’re waterproof

Unlike some other ceiling options, stretch ceilings are waterproof. Just one square metre of stretch ceiling can hold up to 100 litres of water. At the end of this video (start it at 0:50) our installers demonstrate how this works. They also show how easy it is to get rid of the water leak with absolutely no damage to the ceiling.


5. They don’t catch fire

Stretch ceilings are non-flammable. When they are exposed to fire the material just melts away. Hot bits of material do not drop of the ceiling and the fire does not spread.


6. You can print on them

Unlike your traditional plasterboard ceiling, there are a huge amount of options for how you can finish your ceiling. The most eye-catching has to be a printed ceiling. Cloudy sky is the most popular design but why not use a print of your favourite artwork or your company branding.


7. They’re the perfect party ceiling

Because they are incredibly strong, easy to clean and odour resistant, stretch ceilings are a fantastic choice if you like to party. But what about flying champagne corks? That’s covered too. See a demo of what happens in this video (start it at 0:26).


8. You can create different levels and shapes to your ceiling

A ceiling is flat and all on one-level, right? Not so with stretch ceilings. You can create any manner of 3D shapes and curves.


Shaped ceiling


9. They can be installed in under a day

It can take as little as five hours to install your stretch ceiling. That’s about the same time as a round of golf, so why don’t you grab your clubs and head off, when you come back you’ll have a new ceiling! Not a golfer? I’m sure you can think of something nice to do. You won’t have to prepare the room or tidy up after either.


10. They are ultra hygienic

There’s no coincidence that stretch ceilings are highly recommended for healthcare and medical environments. As mentioned already they are very easy to clean and do not corrode or suffer from condensation or damp.

Stretch Ceiling in a dental clinic

Stretch Ceiling in a dental clinic


11. They are great for acoustics

Your standard stretch ceiling is already great for acoustics. But go one step further and use a special micro-perforated membrane which can be tuned to match your acoustic needs. Fancy eh?


So there you have it. I hope you’ve learned something new? Please get in touch to find out more.


Restaurant ceilings the Easy way

Firstly a disclaimer.

Easy Ceiling Technologies is a leading manufacturer, supplier and installer of stretch ceilings. Though other options are available (please check them out), we strongly believe that stretch ceilings are the perfect choice for restaurant ceilings. In this blog we’ll outline why.

So what are stretch ceilings?

A stretch ceiling is an incredibly tough elastic canvas which is attached to your room via a metal track then stretched taut to make a ceiling. They are incredibly quick and easy to install and because they are elastic canvases there are unlimited design choices. They are also very easy to maintain and replace.

And what’s the Easy way?

Easy Ceiling Technologies is relatively unique in that we provide a complete stretch ceiling service. We manufacture, supply and install your ceiling. We happily offer an aftercare service too. Because we have total control of the process we can promise a rapid, quality install together with a lowest price guarantee.

Tell me more

Here’s just a few of the benefits that make stretch ceilings such a perfect choice for restaurants.

Athens restaurant installation

We rapidly installed the Athens restaurant ceiling with no disruption to their business

Quick and easy install
A stretch ceiling can be installed in under a day, sometimes just a few hours. You hardly need to remove anything from the restaurant before starting, and there won’t be any mess to clean up afterwards. If your restaurant already has a ”close day” you won’t have to miss out on any business at all!

Great value
Where you really save money with stretch ceilings is on the install. As we’ve said it takes less than a day, whereas other options take up to a week. And we’d struggle to find many restaurants who’d want to be closed for that long. Check out our prices and installation comparisons with other ceiling options here.

Unlimited design options
One of the most exciting benefits of a stretch ceiling is you can print anything on your ceiling you want. A beautiful cloudy sky, the stars at night, or your restaurant logo. The choice is yours. There are also a multitude of colours and finishes to pick from. Shaped and multi-level ceilings are an option to consider too. For this London restaurant below we used a stars at night canvas surrounded by a back lit translucent ceiling that rotates through a number of different colours.


Easy to maintain and replace
Stretch ceilings are made from incredibly tough elastic so they are very durable. So durable in fact we offer a 10 year guarantee on all our ceilings. They don’t suffer from damp or corrosion. Leaks can be dealt with very easily. We realise it’s important for restaurants to regularly update their interior design. With stretch ceilings you simply remove the existing one from the metal track and install a new one.

You might be interested to read this case study of a restaurant ceiling we recently installed.

If you have a project in mind please get in touch for a quote.

How to Install a Stretch Ceiling in 10 Easy Steps

As a manufacturer, supplier and installer we like to think we know a thing or two about stretch ceilings.

So here’s our illustrated guide on how to install a stretch ceiling in 10 easy steps.

If video is more your thing please head to straight to the bottom of this post. 

1. Decide to use a stretch ceiling

We’re a stretch ceiling supplier but we have to be honest there are certain circumstances where a stretch ceiling might not be the best option. Not many circumstances though! The core advantages of stretch ceilings are they can be installed far more rapidly than other ceiling options (see our comparison table), they are easy and low cost to maintain, and they come in a range of finishes, including printed ceilings! They are also very durable, safe and reliable. For all these reasons they are a very popular choice for medical, educational and health and leisure interiors such as bars, restaurants, swimming pools and gyms.

Stretch Ceilings

Stretch Ceilings – Always a popular option in Swimming Pools, Spas and Gyms

2. Choose your fabric

So you’ve made the wise decision to go stretch, but what fabric and colour do you want? Gloss, satin or matt finish? Translucent or shaped? Or perhaps you want to print your favourite image or company logo on your ceiling? Check out stretch ceiling design options here.

5 metre sky printed ceiling

Our new 5 metre sky print fabric hot off the press

3. Choose your supplier

Once you’ve chosen your design you need to choose a supplier. Easy Ceiling guarantees the lowest prices on the market and we are in the unique position to offer a full-service; from manufacture of your fabric to the final install and aftercare. But we still advise you to get quotes from a range of suppliers and chose the right supplier for you.

4. Prepare the room

If you normally plaster your ceiling you’re going to love this step. The room does not need to be completely cleared. You might need to make a bit of space but apart from that no preparation of the room is required. You can more or less start the install instantly!

5. Attach aluminium track

Your stretch ceiling is attached to your room via an aluminium track which is fitted to all four walls. If the ceiling is to cover a large space, aluminium tracks will need to be fitted at intervals across the ceiling to join panels of fabric.

stretch showroom ceilings

For large ceilings aluminium tracks will be used across the room to join up ceiling panels

6. Set light fixtures and other systems above the ceiling

Attach platforms for light fixtures or other systems (e.g. smoke alarms) to the original ceiling. Adjust the height of the platform so it is easy to pull relevant fixtures like lights though the ceiling and fit in place.


7. Heat the room

In order to stretch the ceiling fabric into place you need to use heat to increase its elasticity. We do this using portable gas heaters.

office ceiling installers

Use portable gas cannisters to heat the fabric so it reaches optimum elasticity

8. Attach the ceiling

Once the fabric has reached optimum elasticity it is fitted to the aluminium rack, corners first.

Athens Greek restaurant installation

Attached the fabric to the aluminium rail, corners first

9. Pull through fixtures and fittings

Strengthening rings are glued to the canvas and then cut inside to make holes for light fixtures and other systems. Fixtures are connected to cables, pulled through the holes and then the springs to the fixture platforms above the canvas are engaged.

10. Final cleaning

Any handprints or marks on the ceiling canvas are removed with a damp cloth. Your stretch ceiling is now installed!

zehnder showroom ceiling

Your Stretch Ceiling is installed!

Hopefully you now know the basic steps to installing a Stretch Ceiling? We can always do the job for you – please get in touch. We’re always interested to hear from people who might want to join our network of installers too. Free training is provided!

Lastly, here’s a video so you can see the whole process in action.

What a year!

Now that the summer’s over we have been taking stock of the last twelve months.

And what a year it’s been!

Here’s a few of the highlights.


Swimming pools, swimming pools, swimming pools


Stretch Ceiling Swimming Pool


As we’re relatively new to the UK market we didn’t realise how many indoor swimming pools there are in the UK requiring a stretch ceiling. Or in the case of a job we did in Surrey, indoor swimming pools that were originally outdoor! Yes this August was very hot but we can understand why an indoor pool is a more practical option for most of the year in the UK.


New UK website brings lots of enquiries


We worked with digital marketing agency ADMAN to create and then promote this new UK website in March 2016. Since then the enquiries have been growing by the month.


5 metre printed ceiling canvas – an UK Exclusive


5 metre sky printed ceiling


Stretch ceiling canvases are normally offered in 2 or 3.5 metre widths. This can cause issues with printed ceilings where the join of the canvas can be more visible. We solved this issue with the UK’s first 5 metre width stretch ceiling canvas.


Growing our installer network


We happily will travel across the UK to install a ceiling but we’ve been building our supplier network so we can complete projects across the country even quicker. We now have expert stretch ceiling installers available in Birmingham, London and Sussex.


Gatwick Express


Gatwick Express Stretch Ceiling


As our factory is based in Sussex it’s always an honour for us to work with local companies. We were delighted when the Gatwick Express chose us to install a new circular stretch ceilings at Gatwick Airport.


What’s next?


More of the same we hope! We will continue to build our installer network and hope to take on larger commercial projects. Innovation is part of our DNA so we hope to create a few more firsts in the world of stretch ceilings too.

Thanks to all of you who have helped us in the last year. We wouldn’t be in this position without you!